22 Apr 2013

Chinese Hackers Seek Drone Secrets

“A notorious cyber-espionage gang is being blamed for a set of recently discovered spear-phishing attacks that aim to steal information relating to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones.” Source:Chinese Hackers Seek Drone Secrets – Security – Attacks/breaches –

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16 Apr 2013

India: Ten Nigerians arrested for online scam

“An attempt to cheat people through an online fraudulent lottery scheme has landed ten Nigerians behind bars. Andhra Pradesh’s Crime Investigation Department arrested the ten on charges of defrauding a person from Nizamabad district of Rs2.7 million (Dh181,700). One of the accused had approached their victim through SMS informing him

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15 Apr 2013

Algerian Hacker Details Cyber Attack on Israel

“An Algerian hacker using the handle ‘Ismail-man54’ said that thousands of Arab and Muslim hackers opposed to Israel participated in the recent attack on 90 Israeli websites. He also said that the attack had been planned since November 2012, with the goal of wiping Israel off the electronic map. He

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12 Apr 2013

Gaming Company Certificates Stolen and Used to Attack Activists, Others

“At least 35 gaming developers involved in the MMORPG field (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games) have been hacked in the last year-and-a-half by the so-called Winnti group, with one of the primary goals being to steal their digital certificates to use in other attacks, according to researchers at Kaspersky

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11 Apr 2013

Obama Boosts Pentagon Cyber Budget Amid Rising Attacks

“The Obama administration plans to boost U.S. spending on computer network security, including a 21 percent increase at the Pentagon, after reports of rising cyber attacks and electronic theft of secrets linked to China.” Source:Obama Boosts Pentagon Cyber Budget Amid Rising Attacks – Businessweek

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11 Apr 2013

Researcher hacks aircraft controls with Android smartphone

“Teso’s attack code, dubbed SIMON, along with an Android app called PlaneSploit, can take full control of flight systems and the pilot’s displays. The hacked aircraft could even be controlled using a smartphone’s accelerometer to vary its course and speed by moving the handset about.” Source:Researcher hacks aircraft controls with

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10 Apr 2013

Control system hack at manufacturer raises red flag

“An unreported attack on the energy management system of a New Jersey manufacturer has been revealed by the U.S. Cyber Emergency Response Team (US-CERT). Intruders successfully exploited a credential storage vulnerability in the manufacturer’s Tridium energy management software made by Honeywell and identified all the company’s Internet facing devices, the

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09 Apr 2013

‘Anonymous Arab’ cyberattacks hit Israel

“Several Israeli government websites appeared to crash as anti-Israeli hackers launched cyberattacks Sunday, but Israeli hackers also claimed their own victory.” Source: ‘Anonymous Arab’ cyberattacks hit Israel – CNN.com

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08 Apr 2013

Jordan Arrests Anti-Israel Hackers

“Jordanian security forces arrested several youths who are suspected of attacking Israeli internet sites as part of the large scale cyber attack on Israel declared by the group called Anonymous. In response, Anonymous threatened to attack Jordanian internet sites. The group demanded the activists’ immediate release. A Facebook group called ‘The

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07 Apr 2013

Hackers target Israeli websites

“A weekend cyberattack campaign targeting Israeli government websites failed to cause serious disruption, officials said on Sunday. The attacks followed warnings in the name of the hacking group Anonymous that it was launching a massive attack. Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, of the government’s National Cyber Bureau, said hackers had mostly failed

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