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Hackers Leak Footage of Iranian Prison

Hacking group Edalat-e Ali has allegedly released silent videos capturing the living conditions inside Tehran’s Evin Prison after compromising their systems and accessing surveillance footage. The prison typically houses political prisoners, according to reports. Iran International confirmed that they received the images and video footage from the hacking group on Sunday. The silent footage reveals abuse, fighting, and maltreatment. In one instance, a security guard is shown beating a prisoner. In another, an emaciated prisoner appears to pass out and fall to the ground, later dragged up a staircase.

The CCTV also captured a suicide attempt by one of the prisoners. The images, in which guards are wearing facemasks, are believed to date from the Covid-19 pandemic, as many of the videos are timestamped from 2020 or 2021. The hacktivist group claims to have stolen hundreds of gigabytes of data from the prison as part of a campaign to expose the government with the election of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi. Another group that may be involved is Tapandegan, which became notorious after a 2018 attack in which they hacked into systems at Mashhad International Airport and posted anti-government messages and images on multiple airport screens.

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