18 May 2021

EU Suspends Plans to Raise Tariffs on U.S. Whiskey, Other Goods

On Monday, the EU agreed to postpone plans to raise tariffs on American goods, including whiskeys, motorcycles, boats, and other items. The plan was set to take effect on June 1 but has now been pushed back due to the start of negotiation talks with the Biden administration that seek

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08 Jan 2021

U.S. Suspends Plan to Impose Tariffs on French Luxury Goods

On Thursday, the US announced that it had scrapped plans to impose tariffs of 25% on French luxury goods after the country imposed taxes on big tech companies such as Facebook and Amazon. The US stated that it intends to instead coordinate its response with efforts in similar disputes with

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21 May 2020

China focused on jobs as national legislature meets

China is seemingly following the US and other governments in distributing stimulus spending checks to restart its economy, which has been crippled by months of strict lockdown measures. On Friday, companies and the public will meet for the ceremonial national legislature to discuss this option. Although China reopened in March

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26 Feb 2020

China Lifts Import Restrictions on U.S. Farm Goods

On Tuesday, US officials stated that Chinese authorities have taken the first steps towards implementing the first phase of the trade deal negotiated between the two countries, who represent the world’s largest economies, earlier this month. The deal took effect on February 14, and Chinese leaders have since lifted import

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21 Jan 2020

France’s Macron Pauses Tech Tax After U.S. Pressure

France and the US have reached a truce over the controversial issue of taxing tech giants like Google’s parent organization Alphabet Inc., avoiding a major crisis or a trade war over the issue. French President Emmanuel Macron reached out to President Trump over the phone on Sunday, seeking a way

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13 Dec 2019

Trump Agrees to Limited Trade Deal With China

President Trump has agreed to a limited trade deal with China after prolonged negotiations caused economic tensions between the two countries. The agreement will reduce existing tariff rates on Chinese goods and effectively cancel new levies that were set to take effect on Sunday. On Thursday, Trump met with trade

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23 Aug 2018

Chinese tariffs: Next round set to hit $16 billion of goods today

The U.S. is implementing 25% tariffs on another $16 billion of Chinese goods today. China is expected to implement a parallel set of tariffs for the same amount on chemical items and diesel fuel. Representatives from the motorcycle industry, electric bicycle industry, food equipment manufacturers, and chemical companies organized to

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06 Aug 2018

China depletes its ammunition belt with latest tariff threat on liquified natural gas

China is running out of American goods to target for sanctions, as new tariffs on liquified natural gas demonstrate that China is turning to American products that play a significant role in the Chinese economy. China has already targeted 80% of U.S.-imported goods, while the U.S. has only targeted just

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06 Jul 2018

Tariffs and trade war: Some US goods ‘appear inevitable’ for China

China responded to U.S. tariffs that went into effect by levying $34 billion, the same amount as the U.S., on 545 U.S. goods that range from agricultural products to vehicles. China has adjusted its tariffs on other countries to help ease their reliance on a number of American goods that

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01 Jun 2018

US defense exports sector braces for responses to Trump tariffs

Responses to the Trump tariffs, which have gone into effect today on June 1st, may have negative consequences on U.S. industries, including defense exports. Fears of a trade war have escalated as Europe, Canada, and Mexico have suggested retaliatory measures. Stock prices of the “big five” defense firms slipped slightly

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