23 Nov 2021

US warship again transits sensitive Taiwan Strait

On Tuesday, a US Warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait again in what the US has referred to as routine activity. The action tends to create tensions with China, whose government believes that the travels are an intentional move on behalf of Washington to stir regional tensions. The US Navy

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04 Jan 2019

Taiwan boosting cyberwar readiness to ‘strike back’

Taiwan is investing in cyberwar talent and capabilities amidst escalating tensions with mainland China. With its ministry of defense allocating several millions to universities and institutes for the developing of defense and asymmetric cyber-warfare capabilities, employees are being incentivized with salaries more than double the country’s average. Taiwan has accused

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20 Dec 2018

South China Sea and Taiwan among flashpoints for armed conflict in 2019, survey warns US policymakers

The South China Sea and Taiwan have made Council of Foreign Relations’ Centre for Preventative Action list of hotspots for potential armed conflict in 2019. While the issue of the South China Sea has been on the list before, it marks the first time that Taiwan has been included. North

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31 Oct 2018

China will ‘take military action’ if Taiwan declares independence

Rhetoric remains heated between Taiwan and China and, in the latest instance, China has declared that it will take military action if Taiwan declares independence from China. The Chinese Defense Minister was quoted as saying that “The Taiwan issue is related to China’s sovereignty and touches upon China’s core interests…on

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15 Apr 2015

Asymmetric naval warfare in the Taiwan Strait

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