27 Sep 2018

Xi Jinping says trade war pushes China to rely on itself and ‘that’s not a bad thing’

Chinese President Xi Jinping is working hard to boost confidence and prepare the country politically for the fallout of the ongoing trade war with the U.S. Trying to balance its “opening up” policy with an emphasis on self-reliance, Xi has emphasized the importance of developing technology, agriculture, and other sectors

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24 Sep 2018

North Korea successfully using cryptos to evade US sanctions

North Korea is likely making extensive use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to evade sanctions. Experts suggest that North Korea is probably trading in existing cryptocurrencies while also creating its own, allowing them to “exploit international financial institutions that have correspondent banking relations with the United States.” Mirroring traditional money-laundering

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21 Sep 2018

Europe’s Leading Companies Are Bowing to U.S. Sanctions

Europe’s largest companies are slowly moving into compliance with US.. sanctions on Iran, departing from the market they entered with the signing of the nuclear deal in 2015. Airbus, Maersk, Renault, Peugeot, Total, and Siemens are but a few of the companies that have begun or have completely divested from

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21 Sep 2018

U.S. sanctions China for buying Russian fighter jets, missiles

The U.S. State Department and Treasury has imposed sanctions on the Chinese military for their purchase of military systems and weapons from Russia in breach of U.S. sanctions against Russia for their 2016 election interference. The sanctions will exclude China’s Equipment Development Department, responsible for weapons and equipment acquisition, from

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13 Sep 2018

Trump OKs sanctions for foreigners who meddle in elections

President Trump has signed an executive order for sanctions on foreign entities or individuals who interfere in U.S. elections. The order includes infrastructure, but also the distribution of propaganda and disinformation, according to national security advisor John Bolton. The sanctions will be recommended by the Treasury and State departments after

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06 Sep 2018

Senate Quandary: How to Sanction Russia Without Harming Europe

As the U.S. seek new sanction options against Russia, an important obstacle has emerged: the unintended impact new sanctions would also have on European allies reliant on Russian gas imports. With an already-rocky relationship, lawmakers are hesitant to add a new source of difficulty. “I would not support sanctions against

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23 Aug 2018

Sanctions on Iran having effect, but regime change is not U.S. policy: Bolton

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton announced that U.S. sanctions against Iran are having their intended effects on the Iranian economy and popular opinion, but that regime change in the country is not Washington’s current policy. The U.S. and its allies continue to monitor Iranian activity in Syria and across

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21 Aug 2018

China shifts to Iranian tankers ahead of oil import ban

China, the largest importer of Iranian oil, has stated that it will not comply with U.S. demands to reduce its imports from the country ahead of the November deadline. The U.S. move has prompted other important like India, Japan, and South Korea to negotiate with Washington and make concessions, but

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13 Aug 2018

Russia says will ditch U.S. securities amid sanctions

Russia announced plans to sell off its holdings in U.S. securities, responding to U.S. sanctions over Moscow’s alleged poisoning of a former agent and his daughter in the UK. The Russian ruble has fallen to a two-year low, and the Russian Prime Minister declared that any U.S. attempt to influence

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06 Aug 2018

Here are the Iran sanctions returning today

Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal by executive order included the reimposition of a number of sanctions on August 6th, while the remaining sanctions will return in the coming months. The sanctions to be re-instated today include Iran’s acquisition of gold, precious metals, and U.S. currency, as well as their

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