13 Aug 2018

Russia says will ditch U.S. securities amid sanctions

Russia announced plans to sell off its holdings in U.S. securities, responding to U.S. sanctions over Moscow’s alleged poisoning of a former agent and his daughter in the UK. The Russian ruble has fallen to a two-year low, and the Russian Prime Minister declared that any U.S. attempt to influence

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06 Aug 2018

Here are the Iran sanctions returning today

Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal by executive order included the reimposition of a number of sanctions on August 6th, while the remaining sanctions will return in the coming months. The sanctions to be re-instated today include Iran’s acquisition of gold, precious metals, and U.S. currency, as well as their

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27 Jul 2018

Iran to launch state-backed crypto to sidestep US sanctions

Tehran has announced plans to launch its own crypto-currency as the U.S. continues to prepare a harsh sanctions regimen for the country that would see further restrictions for U.S.-Iran trade, but also U.S. restrictions on others who trade with Iran. “We are trying to prepare the grounds to use a

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25 Jul 2018

Turkey vows to keep buying Iranian oil: ‘We will not obey’

Turkey has promised to continue oil purchases from Iran, in spite of American demands to halt the purchases after it left the nuclear deal. These announcement comes together with the continued clash over arms purchases, as NATO-member Turkey is in the final stages from purchasing a missile defense system from

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30 May 2018

India, Russia team up to overcome US sanctions on defense deals

“India and Russia have pledged to jointly create a plan to resolve U.S. sanctions on Russia that is hampering defense deals between New Delhi and Moscow. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to formulate the plan during a May 21 informal summit in the Russian

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