12 Jun 2019

More than 3B fake emails sent daily as phishing attacks persist

A new Valimail report shows that threat actors are distributing a staggering 3.4 billion inauthentic emails every single day, representing 1.2% of all email. This is happening even though 80% of all inboxes across the globe use the Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) open standard in order to

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11 Jun 2019

FBI Issues Warning on ‘Secure’ Websites Used For Phishing

The FBI has issued a warning about the use of TLS-secured websites in phishing campaigns. In the context of phishing awareness training, users are usually told to avoid websites that do not use HTTPS and/or lack a valid TLS certificate, which means that there is no “padlock” next to the

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10 Jun 2019

The Minefield of Corporate Email

Even though the concept of spam is about 40 years old and phishing campaigns have been around for over 30 years, email-based attacks remain a massive problem for corporations and individual users alike, a new Cisco report shows. One of the reasons that email attacks are still so common and

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30 May 2019

Impersonation Attacks Up 67% for Corporate Inboxes

More than six out of ten (61%) IT decision makers are anticipating impactful email-based cyberattacks on their organization in the coming year, a new Mimecast report shows. Looking at the threat landscape, their worries are completely justified, since a whopping 94% of companies suffered a phishing attack in 2018. According

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24 May 2019

Mobile Chrome, Safari, and Firefox failed to show phishing warnings for more than a year

A team of researchers from Arizona State University and PayPal staff discovered that mobile browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari put users at risk between mid-2017 and late 2018 by not showing any phishing warnings to users connecting to blacklisted websites. This issue had to do with the mobile version

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20 May 2019

Ransomware and malware attacks decline, attackers adopting covert tactics

New figures released by Microsoft indicate that global ransomware attacks fell by 60% between March and December of last year, while malware attacks declined in general. Instead, threat actors are launching campaigns that rely on more covert attack techniques such as phishing and social engineering in general. Cyber criminals also

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20 May 2019

Phishing targeting SaaS and webmail services increased to 36% of all phishing attacks

A new APWG report shows that a growing number of phishing attacks (36% in Q1 of 2019) target Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and webmail solutions. Just over a quarter (27%) of phishing campaigns went after payment services, while 16% targeted financial institutions. Greg Aaron of APWG explains that “phishers are interested in

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09 May 2019

Amazon Hit by Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds

Last year, threat actors obtained unauthorized access to around 100 Amazon seller accounts, which enabled them to change the bank details for the accounts and subsequently transfer funds from loans and sales to bank accounts under their control. The e-commerce giant has investigated the extensive fraud operation, which was active

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03 May 2019

Social media phishing attacks up more than 70 percent

New figures published by Vade Secure show that phishing attacks involving the impersonation of social media platforms rose by almost 75% in the first quarter of this year. The increase was mostly driven by a surge in attacks impersonating Facebook and Instagram. Despite a 4.5% decline in attacks, Microsoft remained

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01 May 2019

Most adults are concerned about malware and phishing on social media

A new study by ID Experts shows that most Americans have privacy and security concerns about social media platforms. When it comes to privacy, over two out of three (68%) respondents are worried about Facebook, while just two out five people are concerned about Instagram (40%) and YouTube (39%). Interestingly,

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