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Impersonation Becomes Top Phishing Technique

New research by Avanan reveals that impersonation and credential harvesting attacks are the most common among phishing attackers this year. Avanan’s 2021 Global Phish Cyber Attack Report found that credential harvesting is used in over half of all phishing attacks, up nearly 15% since 2019. Researchers at Avanan also found that 20.7% of all phishing attacks are business email compromise attacks. Avanan also revealed that the most targeted industries are IT, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Avanan stated that the IT industry saw more than 9,000 phishing emails in just one month, out of an average of 376,914 emails. Organizations in the healthcare industry saw more than 6,000 phishing emails while manufacturing saw just under 6,000 phishing emails. Impersonation has become the top technique among fraudsters, according to the report. In 51.9% of all impersonation emails, cyber attackers were pretending to be a non-executive in the organization. Avanan also found that non-executives are targeted for these attacks more often than C-level execs.

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