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Phishing continues to be one of the easiest paths for ransomware

According to a new survey from Cloudian, ransomware gangs are still using phishing attacks as one of the main methods to gain the initial access into organizations’ systems. Cloudian’s report contains the insight of 200 IT decision-makers who have experienced a ransomware attack in the past two years. According to the report, half of the respondents have held anti-phishing training for employees. A similar amount also had perimeter defenses in place at the time of the attack.

The report also reveals that 25% of respondents said their ransomware attacks started through phishing. Of those victims, over half had conducted anti-phishing training sessions. For smaller organizations with fewer than 500 employees, 41% of cyber attacks started with phishing. One-third of the surveyed professionals stated that their public cloud was the entry point ransomware groups utilized to attack them. Cloudian also reported that the speed of phishing attacks has increased greatly over the past two years, with cyberattackers able to infiltrate systems via phishing before the organization notices the breach.

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