11 Dec 2020

Pentagon Seeks Software to Analyze Data from Twitter

The Defense Department is seeking open-source intelligence software that can draw on information from social media to create graphics and conduct analysis in real-time, according to a solicitation released by the agency. The agency states that the software would access at least 50 million websites and be able to disseminate

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14 Feb 2019

Bellingcat OSINT Investigation: An Analysis of Nicaragua’s “Volunteer Police” Paramilitary Arsenal

Open-Source Intelligence Forum Bellingcat has published a report on Nicaragua’s use of paramilitary organizations to quell the country’s protests in 2018, prompting renewed criticism against the uses by NGOs. These open-source data points support widespread reporting from sources formerly within the country’s law enforcement agencies that the paramilitary groups were

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13 Feb 2019

New BBC investigation examines Sudan’s secret hit squads targeting politial dissidents

Did you see the groundbreaking BBC OSINT investigation this past summer on an earlier atrocity in Cameroon? The same research group has just released a new investigation on Sudan’s secret hit squads used by the government security forces to violently repress protests and arrest specific dissidents for detention and torture. Many

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15 Jan 2019

2019 and the Evolving Role of OSINT

SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) are entering a new position within the public sphere in 2019.

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11 Dec 2018

Blurry satellite photos of military bases reveal more than they hide

“Open-source researchers often use satellite images, especially across multiple providers, to uncover information that is otherwise difficult to obtain. In November 2017, the World Bank released an analysis of satellite footage of ISIS-held territory to reveal that the statelet was struggling to produce oil. In September 2018, open-source investigation house

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09 Oct 2018

Second Skripal Poisoning Suspect Identified as Dr. Alexander Mishkin

OSINT organization and forum Bellingcat has released its report on the identity of the second Skripals poisoning suspect. “In the preceding report from the current investigation into the two suspects in the Skripals poisoning case, Bellingcat and its reporting partner the Insider disclosed the identity of one of the two

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27 Sep 2018

OSINT and ‘We got really lucky’: how novichok suspects’ identities were revealed

The breaking identification of one of the Novichok poisoning suspects not only connected the attack to the Russian government, it also showcased the depth of OSINT research techniques and possibilities that are consistently leveraged across the fields of journalism, private research, military research, and beyond. The investigation launched by a

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13 Mar 2011

A Venerable Source in a New Era: Sailing the Sea of OSINT in the Information Age

Our age’s increasingly voluminous open-source intelligence (OSINT) sheds light on issues of the day for all-source analysts, covert collectors, and policymakers, but have we done enough to exploit its potential? My short answer is “No,” and here’s why I think so. Collecting intelligence these days is at times less a

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