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OSINT and ‘We got really lucky’: how novichok suspects’ identities were revealed

The breaking identification of one of the Novichok poisoning suspects not only connected the attack to the Russian government, it also showcased the depth of OSINT research techniques and possibilities that are consistently leveraged across the fields of journalism, private research, military research, and beyond. The investigation launched by a dispersed team of researchers connected by Bellingcat and The Insider used leaked passport databases, public photographs, and facial recognition to make the connections that eventually enabled them to trace the suspect back to his past as a veteran of the Russian special forces and award winner of the “Hero of the Russian Federation.” The named suspect and one other, whose identity researchers say may be published by Bellingcat in the following weeks, have been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy in the UK. 

Source: ‘We got really lucky’: how novichok suspects’ identities were revealed | UK news | The Guardian

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