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Blurry satellite photos of military bases reveal more than they hide

“Open-source researchers often use satellite images, especially across multiple providers, to uncover information that is otherwise difficult to obtain. In November 2017, the World Bank released an analysis of satellite footage of ISIS-held territory to reveal that the statelet was struggling to produce oil. In September 2018, open-source investigation house Bellingcat disclosed how to use satellite footage to find evidence of the destruction of villages. With future improvements to the speed at which satellite imagery is acquired and then made available, fast analysis of minute changes may even be on the horizon. All of this can make national security measures, like the conspicuous blurring of sensitive sites in certain maps, become surprise vulnerabilities when cross-referenced with other mapping services.” For a transcript of the discussion on the subject between C4ISRNET and a Research Associate at the Federation of American Scientists, follow the link to the original article below. 

Source: Blurry satellite photos of military bases reveal more than they hide

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