15 Jun 2018

EU legislature report on defense reaffirming NATO, UK ties, and common EU defense

In spite of the tense G7 summit, the European Parliament produced a large report acknowledging the US’s key position in NATO and European security. It also emphasizes continued and strong defense ties with the UK following Brexit. The report was adopted just ahead of the NATO summit upcoming in July,

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11 Jun 2018

How NATO Defends Against Cyberattacks

NATO states have increased the levels of cooperation and capabilities in terms of cyber attacks on member states. Areas of increased cooperation include information sharing in real time, integrating national cyber capabilities into NATO planning and operations, creating Rapid Reaction teams, and training via the NATO Center of Excellence for

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08 Jun 2018

US may increase troop deployment as NATO shifts focus on to Russian deterrence

As part of its 30-30-30-30 readiness plan in which NATO requests its allies to prepare 30 land battalions, 30 air squadrons, and 30 combat vessels capable of deploying in 30 days or less, the US may increase deployment numbers in Europe. This is part of the broader US geopolitical shift

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05 Jun 2018

NATO Secretary General: Better Cyber Defense More Important than 2% of GDP Pledge

Two years ago, NATO adopted a pledge to give cyber issues greater standing in defense strategy. Now, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is emphasizing this pledge as the most important within NATO. Recently, “he told a Paris audience that the pledge isn’t getting the attention it deserves. ‘Today’s great leap

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