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NATO seeks to bolster Ukraine defences amid ‘Russian aggression’

In a speech to the US Congress, the NATO commander for Europe stated that he aims to help Ukraine defend itself against increasing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and in the Black Sea.

Last year, Russia seized three Ukrainian ships while they were trying to pass the Kerch Strait that connects the Sea of Azov with the Black Sea.  Because of this, US General Curtis Scaparrotti believes the US might want to improve its naval defence capabilities in the Black Sea. With regard to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, Scaparrotti said that the Russian government not only “continues to arm, train” but also to “fight alongside anti-government forces in eastern Ukraine.”

In the same speech, Scaparrotti also advised the US to cancel a planned sale of the F-35 joint strike fighter to Turkey if that country purchases a Russian air defense system, as it currently plans to do.

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