25 Jul 2018

Turkey vows to keep buying Iranian oil: ‘We will not obey’

Turkey has promised to continue oil purchases from Iran, in spite of American demands to halt the purchases after it left the nuclear deal. These announcement comes together with the continued clash over arms purchases, as NATO-member Turkey is in the final stages from purchasing a missile defense system from

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23 Jul 2018

Pentagon announces $200 million in aid for Ukraine

The Pentagon announced an additional $200 million in aid for the “training, equipment, and advisory efforts to build the defensive capacity of Ukraine’s forces,” including improvements of “command and control, situational awareness systems, secure communications, military mobility, night vision, and military medical treatment.” The U.S. has provided $1 billion in

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13 Jul 2018

Poll: 42% of Germans want US troops out of country

A recent polls measured 42% of Germans in favor of U.S. troop withdrawal from their country, with 37% in favor of continued troop presence and 21% undecided. Trump has continued to criticize Germany for not contributing its fair share towards defense spending within NATO, but polls of this nature reveal

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09 Jul 2018

Nordics Unite For Cross Border Air Combat Training; Thanks Russia!

Increasing fears of Russia has pushed a number of European countries into closer cooperation with each other. This “new ‘cluster’ of European nations with a common security objective has quietly emerged recently in the form of focused military cooperation and coordination among the Nordic nations, Poland, the Baltic States, and

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09 Jul 2018

How Russia Could Test NATO in the Baltics

The Suwalki Corridor is a small, key land area for NATO that connects Poland and NATO-allied Europe with the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A Russian challenge to the area could cut off NATO access to these states and achieve a key Russian objective of undermining the NATO

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02 Jul 2018

U.S. reassessing its 35,000 active-duty troop levels in Germany

The maintains a presence of 35,000 active-duty troops in Germany and a sizable number other other staff. This presence, however, is currently under review by the Pentagon ahead of an upcoming NATO summit. Experts have suggested that the assessment could be a negotiating tactic to underline Trump’s complaints about European

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26 Jun 2018

Romania in the crosshairs of an ongoing Russian cyber campaign

Romania has stepped up its pro-Western, pro-U.S. stance and position within NATO, where it is poised to become one of the few countries in the area to meet the organization’s 2% defense threshold this year. It is home to a large U.S. military base and is working to build a

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15 Jun 2018

EU legislature report on defense reaffirming NATO, UK ties, and common EU defense

In spite of the tense G7 summit, the European Parliament produced a large report acknowledging the US’s key position in NATO and European security. It also emphasizes continued and strong defense ties with the UK following Brexit. The report was adopted just ahead of the NATO summit upcoming in July,

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11 Jun 2018

How NATO Defends Against Cyberattacks

NATO states have increased the levels of cooperation and capabilities in terms of cyber attacks on member states. Areas of increased cooperation include information sharing in real time, integrating national cyber capabilities into NATO planning and operations, creating Rapid Reaction teams, and training via the NATO Center of Excellence for

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08 Jun 2018

US may increase troop deployment as NATO shifts focus on to Russian deterrence

As part of its 30-30-30-30 readiness plan in which NATO requests its allies to prepare 30 land battalions, 30 air squadrons, and 30 combat vessels capable of deploying in 30 days or less, the US may increase deployment numbers in Europe. This is part of the broader US geopolitical shift

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