18 Aug 2021

Lithuania says Belarus officers illegally pushed migrants over border

Lithuania’s border service has accused 12 Belarusian officers donning riot gear of illegally entering into its territory to push a group of migrants over the border. During the tense incident, Lithuania’s officers stated that they repeatedly informed the Belarusians that they were violating border laws. The incident occurred on Tuesday

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15 Apr 2019

Major coordinated disinformation campaign hit the Lithuanian Defense

On 10 April, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry and its minister Raimundas Karoblis were the target of a major disinformation campaign that aimed at “discrediting not only the minister as a politician but also the entire Lithuanian national defense system and damaging public trust and support to the armed forces.” The

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18 Sep 2018

German Troops Face Russian ‘Hybrid War’ in Lithuania: Merkel

Germany is increasing its military cyber capabilities, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel, in response to Russian cyber attacks against its troops in Lithuania, NATO’s eastern flank. “Hybrid warfare is not something that we are very used to. You clearly experience this here in very specific wakes…it’s not for nothing that

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31 Aug 2018

Russia secretly finances news outlets in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia as part of information warfare

“The Russian government discreetly funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in Eastern Europe to pump out stories dictated to them by the Kremlin, BuzzFeed News and its reporting partners can reveal. Russian state media created secret companies in order to bankroll websites in the Baltic states — a

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