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Revolut Breach May Have Hit 50,000+ Customers

Fintech giant Revolut has reportedly suffered from a serious data breach that may impact 50,000 customers. According to the company, the attack was highly targeted and the attacker was only able to access 0.16% of customers’ data. In addition, the attacker was not able to conduct the attack for an extended period of time. Revolut stated that it immediately noticed and isolated the attack to limit its impact.  Customers impacted during the data breach have been notified.

Revolut stated that no funds were accessed or stolen as a result of the attack, and all customers are able to continue to use their accounts and cards as normal. However, the Lithuanian data protection regulator the State Data Protection Inspectorate states that the customers impacted included 20,687 in the European Economic Area. In addition, the regulator states that those impacted had personal data such as partial card details, account information, phone numbers, email addresses, names, and postal addresses compromised. The regulator stated that those impacted should be wary of phishing scams over the next several weeks due to the data breach as attackers may try to leverage the information that has already been revealed to conduct further attacks.

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