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Pro-Russian Hacker Group Killnet Hits Critical Government Websites in Lithuania

Security researchers have discovered a video message published by a group of Russia-affiliated hackers known as Killnet that was posted to the group’s Telegram channel. In the video, the group takes responsibility for targeting and attacking several Lithuanian government websites last week. The video confirms that the attacks were a response to sanctions imposed on Russia by Lithuania due to the former’s invasion of Ukraine. Security researchers say that the video demanded that Lithuania resume the transit of goods to Kaliningrad or face further disruptions to its government institutions and internet infrastructure of private businesses.

It is unclear what Lithuania will do, and the sites affected include Lithuania’s State Tax Inspectorate and B1.It, one of the country’s largest accounting service providers. Security researchers have confirmed that the sites remained down as of yesterday. Killnet also claims to have taken down e-government services, including the national police, however, these sites seem operational. Killnet has been active since at least the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Five Eyes agencies have issued several warnings against the group since it began its activities.

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