28 Apr 2021

Linux kernel vulnerability exposes stack memory, causes data leaks

Cisco Talos has disclosed an information disclosure vulnerability in the Linux kernel that can lead to further compromise. According to a statement released by Cisco on Tuesday, the bug could allow an attacker to view Kernel stack memory, acting as a springboard to inflict further damage to a system and

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10 Mar 2021

Linux Foundation Debuts Sigstore Project for Software Signing

Yesterday, the Linux Foundation announced that it was launching a new nonprofit initiative that seeks to improve open source software supply chain security called Sigstore. Sigstore’s primary purpose is to make it easier for developers to add cryptographic signing capabilities for different components of the software development process. Linux also

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03 Mar 2021

Linux Mint may start pushing high-priority patches to users

Linux may be implementing a new program designed to push high-priority patches to users after a legacy of relaxed update practices. Linux Mint distribution has historically allowed customers to delay installing new patches, however, this can create a plethora of security risks for the user. The new program would “insist”

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18 Feb 2021

DARPA, Linux Foundation Partner to Advance 5G

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is partnering with the Linux Foundation, a major technology consortium, to foster open-source software development collaboration. DARPA seeks to advance emerging technologies alongside many of its federal counterparts. This includes cutting-edge tech such as 5G, according to Wednesday’s press release. The Linux Foundation

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19 Nov 2020

Microsoft gives Linux a security boost with these new attack detection tools

Microsoft has added new endpoint detection and response capabilities to Linux machines. The new features were made public through a preview feature. This will allow for Linux users to be better protected against threats and have the ability to take action quickly when one arises. Linux EDR will also help

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09 Nov 2020

Gitpaste-12 Worm Targets Linux Servers, IoT Devices

Researchers have discovered a new malware utilizing Pastebin and GitHub to house its component code. The worm targets Linux-based x86 servers and Linux IoT devices. According to Juniper Threat Labs, who released a post on Thursday detailing the new development, the malware boasts at least 12 different attack modules. Juniper

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14 Oct 2020

Google warns of severe ‘BleedingTooth’ Bluetooth flaw in Linux kernel

A new vulnerability has been disclosed by Google, a high-severity flaw that affects Linux devices. The bug reportedly lies in the Bluetooth stack within Linux kernel versions 5.9 and below that support BlueZ. Cybersecurity firms are urging users to update the Linux kernel to version 5.9, which was released just

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14 Aug 2020

NSA, FBI Warn of Linux Malware Used in Espionage Attacks

Two government agencies, the NSA and the FBI, have warned about a new malware variant called Drovorub that intentionally targets Linux systems and was constructed by the Russian military for use in cyber-espionage operations. Drovorub boasts a variety of espionage capabilities, including file stealing and remote code execution. According to

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06 Aug 2020

Linux Spyware Stack Ties Together 5 Chinese APTs

On Wednesday, BlackBerry released an analysis to the Black Hat 2020 conference group in which evidence linking five Chinese APT groups was presented. The five groups are allegedly splinters of the Winnti group, which is a supply-chain specialist threat actor group. All five entities were observed by researchers using the

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31 Jul 2020

Billions of Devices Impacted by Secure Boot Bypass

New research shows that billions of Windows and Linux devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks originating from a bug in the GRUB2 bootloader, which security experts have named the “BootHole” bug. The exploitation of the bug could lead to malware infection, information theft, and allow attackers to move laterally into corporate,

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