09 Sep 2019

Thousands Of Linux Servers Infected By Lilu (Lilocked) Ransomware

Threat actors are targeting thousands of Linux-based servers across the globe with a new ransomware strain dubbed Lilocked or Lilu. The campaign began in the middle of July, but infections have spiked in the last two weeks. Not much is know about the campaign, but it may target servers running

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20 Aug 2019

Backdoor found in Webmin, a popular web-based utility for managing Unix servers

Security researchers have uncovered a backdoor in Webmin, a highly popular application for remotely managing Linux servers and other Unix-based systems. Threat actors could use the backdoor to take over machines running Webmin and subsequently target the remote systems being managed via the app. Webmin is installed on over 1

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30 May 2019

Russia’s Would-Be Windows Replacement Gets a Security Upgrade

Earlier this week, we reported that China is developing a custom operating system (OS) for military computers in order to replace the Windows systems currently in use. It now seems that Russia is pursuing a similar strategy, since the Kremlin recently gave the domestically developed Astra Linux operating system the

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