11 Dec 2020

Kazakhstan ramps up control of the internet ahead of elections

In Kazakhstan, authorities have created and deployed a new online security initiative which may be an attempt to increase government control over the internet ahead of the parliamentary elections that are set to occur in January. On Monday, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace announced that they were

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25 Nov 2019

Extensive hacking operation discovered in Kazakhstan

Security researchers with Qihoo 360 have uncovered a large cyber campaign targeting Kazakhstan. According to the report, a threat actor with considerable financial and technical resources is targeting government agencies, businesses, educational institutions as well as numerous individuals including members of the military, foreign diplomats, researchers, journalists religious figures and

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22 Aug 2019

Companies Act to Defend Privacy of Kazakhstanis

Google and Mozilla this week took steps to undermine the efforts of the Kazakhstan government to intercept all HTTPS traffic within its borders. Kazakhstan started the practice last month. A report by Censored Planet found evidence that the government was ordering local Internet providers to enforce the installation of a

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19 Jul 2019

Kazakhstan begins intercepting citizens’ web traffic to ‘protect them from cyber threats’

The government of Kazakhstan has advanced its surveillance efforts by beginning to intercept all HTTPS traffic within its borders by means of a special certificate that citizens must install on all their devices and browsers. The government has ordered local internet service providers (ISPs) to enforce the installation of the

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13 Aug 2018

Russia, Iran and other states agree on Caspian Sea access

Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan have resolved a disagreement that lasted since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The countries reached a decision on the status of the Caspian Sea, giving it a special status that mixes legal parameters for both sea and lake regulations. The agreement, which Putin

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