20 Sep 2022

Unrest Turns Deadly in West Bank as Palestinian Authority’s Grip Loosens

Earlier this week, Palestinian Authority security forces reportedly clashed with armed groups protesting unrest in the city of Nablus. The individuals were reportedly throwing stones as the unrest has intensified in the West Bank amid a series of Israeli raids and arrests of militants. The conflict left at least one

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09 Aug 2022

Israel Reopens Gaza Crossing as Cease-Fire Holds

On Monday, Israel reopened the Kerem Shalom crossing, allowing trucks carrying fuel and vital goods to enter into Palestinian areas after a cease-fire was agreed upon. The cease-fire ended three days of intense fighting during which Palestinians endured casualties. Kerem Shalom is the only commercial crossing located in Gaza, and

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19 Apr 2022

Israel Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire

Early Tuesday morning, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza, a move that officials state is response to a rocket fired from Palestinian territory. The fighting raises fears of a wider conflict amid tensions that have been growing over the past several months. Earlier this week, there were several instances of conflict

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13 Dec 2021

Hamas ammunition warehouse explodes causing casualties in southern Lebanon

On Friday, a warehouse owned by Hamas exploded at a Palestinian refugee camp located in southern Lebanon. According to Lebanon state-run NNA news, the warehouse was filled with ammunition. Several casualties have been reported. The media outlet stated that the sound of the explosion was audible in the Palestinian refugee

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29 Nov 2021

Hamas gunman kills one Israeli, injures four others, in Jerusalem attack; police shoot dead assailant

26-year-old assailant has been shot dead after conducting a shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City. The attack left one dead, a recent immigrant from South Africa who worked as a guide at the Western Wall. Four other people were injured during the incident and remain in serious condition. The shooting

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02 Jun 2021

Israel-Gaza Conflict Spurs Bitcoin Donations to Hamas

The bloody conflict between Israel and Gaza has sparked an influx in Bitcoin donations to Hamas, according to senior Hamas officials. The Palestinian militant group has effectively used the bitcoin technology to circumvent international sanctions and fund its military operations. The international attention that was garnered by the recent fighting

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21 May 2021

Israel-Palestinian ceasefire comes into effect

Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas have declared a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire came into effect early on Friday, ending 11 days of fighting in which more than 250 people were killed. Most of the casualties were reported in Gaza. Both Israel and Hamas declared victory

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20 May 2021

Israel and Hamas Near Cease-Fire Amid Mounting Pressure

According to those involved in discussions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, a cease-fire between the two fighting entities could come as early as Friday amid mounting international pressure. Earlier this week, US President Joe Biden stated that he supports a cease-fire between the groups, seeking to bring

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04 Mar 2021

ICC to Probe Alleged War Crimes in Palestinian Territories

The International Criminal Court prosecutor is allegedly opening an investigation into possible war crimes committed in the Palestinian territories. The investigation will span almost seven years, dating back to 2014. Israel has condemned the announcement while the Palestinian Authority has celebrated it. The Wednesday statement follows a recent court ruling

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17 Feb 2020

Terrorist Android Malware Exposed: Here Are The Hamas Apps That Hacked Israeli Soldiers

Hamas cyber terrorists have compromised the phones of several hundred Israeli soldiers after infecting them with malware that was embedded in a “honey trap” operation in which Hamas-affiliated actors used profiles of attractive women to entice the Israeli soldiers. The soldiers were then conned into chatting over messaging platforms and

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