29 Aug 2022

Privacy Activists Target Google Over French ‘Spam’ Emails

A group of French activists issued a complaint to regulators on Wednesday, alleging that Google is breaking EU law by sending Gmail users direct advertising messages. This is the latest complaint in a long series filed by None of Your Business (NYOB), a French activist group battling the tech giant

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23 Aug 2022

Iran blames ‘procrastinating’ US for nuclear deal delays

Iran has confirmed that it has not received a response from the United States on its latest proposals regarding the 2015 nuclear deal and blamed the US for the inaction. On Monday, foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said that Iran acted timely and responsibly in the nuclear talks, while the

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01 Jul 2022

EU agrees rules to tame ‘Wild West’ crypto market

Cryptocurrency companies will need a license and customer safeguards to issue and sell digital tokens in the European Union under groundbreaking new rules agreed by the bloc to tame a volatile “Wild West” market. Globally, crypto assets are largely unregulated, with national operators in the EU only required to show

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12 Apr 2022

EU Officials Targeted with Pegasus Spyware

Security researchers have released a report detailing how Senior European Union officials were targeted with the Pegasus spyware. The individuals listed include current European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders and at least four of his staffers. Reuters published details pertaining to the case and stated that it was notified of the

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11 Apr 2022

EU targets crypto wallets in latest round of Russia sanctions

The European Union on Friday targeted crypto wallets, banks, currencies and trusts in its fifth package of sanctions on Russia in a bid to close potential loopholes which could allow Russians to move money abroad. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, EU-based crypto exchanges were already required to apply

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05 Apr 2022

Ukraine spots Russian-linked ‘Armageddon’ phishing attacks

The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) has spotted new phishing attempts attributed to the Russian threat group tracked as Armageddon (Gamaredon). The malicious emails attempt to trick the recipients with lures themed after the war in Ukraine and infect the target systems with espionage-focused malware. CERT-UA has identified two separate

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30 Mar 2022

Open-Source Intelligence Resources: The EU Disinformation Lab’s Ukraine Conflict Resource Hub

EU DisinfoLab is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on “researching and tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the European Union, its member states, core institutions, and core values.” The lab has created the Ukraine Conflict Resource Hub with essential information and links to reliable research, analysis, and fact-checks to help [organizations] navigate during this crisis.

While these tools have been compiled in the context of the war in Ukraine, these open-source intelligence tools are also broadly useful to gain a competitive advantage by strengthening your organization’s cognitive infrastructure.

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10 Jan 2022

Thousands protest COVID curbs in Europe amid omicron surge

Thousands of people took part in demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday in Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Weekend demonstrations broke out in the EU after governments have imposed tighter curbs and rules to encourage COVID shots and booster shots. As the omicron variant is increasing cases in the

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13 Jan 2021

Hackers have leaked the COVID-19 vaccine data they stole in a cyberattack

A cyberattack targeting the European Union’s medical agency has resulted in stolen information about the COVID-19 vaccines. The stolen information has been leaked. The attack was against the European Medicines Agency last month and information about coronavirus medicines was gained. The documents containing the data about coronavirus medicines, including the

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12 Jan 2021

Volkswagen triples electric car sales ahead of climate rules

Europe is pushing electric cars. Volkswagen tripled sales of battery powered cars in 2020 before tough new European Union limits on automobile emissions. In Germany, more people bought electric cars than previously popular diesel vehicles. The EU regulations will drive the adoption into electric cars, despite the pandemic causing recessions

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