23 Oct 2019

Czech authorities dismantle alleged Russian cyber-espionage network

In late 2018, Czech law enforcement took down a Russian cyber espionage network set up by Russia’s intelligence agency (the FSB) and Russia’s embassy in Prague, the Czech government announced earlier this week. Russian spies had established a number of hardware and software firms in the country and used the

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15 Oct 2019

Russia moves to fill void left by US in northern Syria

Russia has deployed troops to northeastern Syria in order to prevent a confrontation between Syrian forces and the Turkish troops that have been moving into the area since last week. The Turkish invasion started after US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US troops from the area. The Russian

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10 Oct 2019

Turkey says 109 militants killed in advance into northeast Syria

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that his forces have killed 109 “terrorists” while advancing into northeastern Syria in order to create a “safe zone.” According to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a US ally that was instrumental in defeating Islamic State in Syria earlier this year, Turkish airstrikes

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10 Oct 2019

EU warns of 5G cybersecurity risks, stops short of singling out China

The risk of cyberattacks is bound to increase in the 5G era, a new European Union (EU) report warns. The EU said it considers non-EU states and state-backed actors to be the biggest threats in this context. It also emphasized the importance of “the risk profile of individual suppliers,” which

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26 Sep 2019

Experts Question ECJ’s Right to be Forgotten Ruling

Earlier this week, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) sided with Google in a court case concerning the European Union’s (EU) “right to be forgotten” privacy legislation that is meant to provide EU citizens with more control over their private information in the digital realm. French privacy regulator CNIL had

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19 Aug 2019

Gibraltar rejects US demand to seize Iranian tanker

Gibraltar has denied a last-minute request by the US government to let it seize the Iranian oil tanker that was captured by UK Marines last month, stating that the US sanctions cited in the request do not apply in the European Union (EU). The vessel had been captured over suspicions

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16 Aug 2019

ECB Says One of Its Websites Was Hacked, Data Possibly Captured

Earlier this year, a threat actor hacked the Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) website of the European Central Bank and installed malware designed for phishing campaigns on the server of the third-party hosting provider. The ECB said the hackers may have obtained the names and email addresses of 481 subscribers

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12 Mar 2019

China Threat to Telecoms Cited in EU Parliament Draft Resolution

The parliament of the European Union is preparing a resolution on the potential risks of using telecommunications technology from Chinese tech firms such as Huawei for the establishment of 5G networks across Europe. A draft of the resolution refers to claims by the US government that products by Huawei cannot

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13 Feb 2019

EU adds Saudi Arabia, Panama to dirty-money blacklist: 23 countries now included

The European Commission maintains a list of countries that do not meet minimum thresholds for oversight against terrorism financing and money laundering. This list and its accompanying policies require European Banks to carry out additional checks on transactions that involve countries from the list. Being a member of the list

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04 Feb 2019

EU countries recognise Juan Guaidó as interim Venezuelan leader

The UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark have officially recognized Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, pushing the Maduro regime further into diplomatic isolation. The countries promised to recognize the opposition government if the Maduro regime did not call for elections within 8 days. The past few

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