26 Mar 2020

Governments Clamp Down as Coronavirus Infections Surge

Today, the number of COVID-19 infections has surpassed 480,000 globally, which is nearly double last week’s total. Governments around the world have been preparing for restrictive measures that punish individuals who violate lockdown and social distancing rules. More than 22,000 have died as a result of the virus, according to

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19 Mar 2020

Europe sets up emergency lifeline worth billions

In an attempt to soothe the economic impact of the ongoing pandemic, the European Central Bank (ECB) has started an emergency $820 billion package that will buy government and company dept across the EU, particularly in Greece and Italy. ECB’s CEO Christine Lagarde stated that they are incredibly committed to

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18 Mar 2020

World virus infections hit 200,000; Borders jammed in Europe

The novel coronavirus pandemic has now infected more than 200,000 people and killed more than 8,000, causing a huge disruption at European border crossings on Wednesday after countries implemented strict travel rules in an attempt to slow the outbreak. Johns Hopkins University stated that 82,000 people have recovered from the

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16 Mar 2020

Czech hospital hit by cyberattack while in the midst of a COVID-19 outbreak

In Brno, Czech Republic, a major hospital has been hit by a mysterious cyberattack amidst a COVID-19 outbreak that is beginning to spread across the European country. The hospital, Brno University Hospital, stated that the incident postponed urgent surgical interventions. The cybersecurity incident also re-routed new acute patients to a

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13 Mar 2020

EU to give migrants in Greece €2,000 to go home

Greece’s overcrowded camps among the Greek islands have called for extreme measures. EU is now willing to offer €2,000 ($2,225) to 5,000 migrants who are willing to return home to safe eligible residencies. EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson announced that the Greek Government was willing to open this offer

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12 Mar 2020

WHO declares coronavirus a pandemic, urges aggressive action

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently declared the coronavirus outbreak a national pandemic, urging aggressive action from all countries impacted to fight the spread of the infectious disease. Meanwhile, US stocks have plunged into bear market territory. Several American cities that have reported cases of COVID-19 have joined other

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09 Mar 2020

Italy quarantines north in drastic bid to slow virus spread

Italy’s Premier Giuseppe Conte put northern Italy under quarantine after recording 7,300 confirmed coronavirus cases, meaning that over 16 million Italian residents are effectively on quarantine until further notice. Although all tourists may go home, public spaces such as museums and popular tourist architectural sites are closed until further notice.

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02 Mar 2020

Greece suspends asylum applications as migrants seek to leave Turkey

Recently, Greece blocked all new asylum applications for the next month following Turkey’s admission of migrants to travel to the EU. Greek officials stated that they have stopped nearly 10,000 migrants crossing the land border with Turkey, claiming that they have increased the level of deterrence at its borders to

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03 Feb 2020

Coronavirus Closes China to the World, Straining Global Economy

China, a vital economic center, is currently facing a national epidemic as the coronavirus has infected thousands of Chinese citizens and killed hundreds. As the situation worsens, the rest of the globe is experiencing a ripple effect as a result of China’s struggling economy. The virus has now infected more

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21 Jan 2020

GDPR: 160,000 data breaches reported already, so expect the big fines to follow

Since the implementation of Europe’s new digital privacy regulations, over 160,000 data breaches have been reported to authorities. An analyst at the law firm DLA Piper found that after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, the first eight months saw an average of 247 breach notifications per

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