21 Mar 2019

China Welcomes Italy Into Its Sphere Of Influence, Unnerving the E.U. and U.S.

Italy is set the become the first G-7 country to join China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative that comprises numerous large infrastructure projects aimed at uniting East and West, although many Western countries mostly see it as a way for China to increase its geopolitical power across the globe. Even

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21 Mar 2019

Trump Wants NATO’s Eyes on China

According to US and European officials, the Trump Administration wants NATO to start focusing on threats coming from China, even though the alliance was primarily designed to deter Russia. Under President Trump, the US has started to prioritize China as a major threat over other threats like Islamic terrorism. In

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20 Mar 2019

Did The U.S. Just Lose Its War With Huawei?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday indicated that her country is not likely to exclude Huawei telecommunications technology from it’s 5G networks, saying that she doesn’t believe in discussing “these very sensitive security questions publicly” nor in “excluding a company simply because it’s from a certain country.” Experts interpreted the

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01 Feb 2019

3 European Nations Create Firm to Trade With Iran, but Will Anyone Use It?

Britain, France and Germany have set up a company that will allow indirect trade between Iranian firms and companies from other countries using a currency other than the dollar. The three signatories to the Iran nuclear deal of 2015 hope this will encourage the Iranian government to stay committed to the agreement, which

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31 Jan 2019

Airbus Data Breach Exposes Employee Credentials, Professional Contact Details

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has suffered a data breach in which threat actors have accessed data on the company’s “Commercial Aircraft business” systems. The information was described by the firm as “mostly professional contact and IT identification details of some Airbus employees in Europe.” The company has launched an

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23 Jan 2019

European Parliament Elections in May: Europe’s most hackable election

While individual European countries have held elections in recent years since the Russian campaign on the US election in 2016, the EU is gearing up for its first election since 2014. According to one European expert, “since then [2016], we have tested national systems for the security environment as we

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09 Jan 2019

A European spring? Latest Eurobarometer Poll shows EU Optimism is on the rise

In spite of strong nationalist or populist movements in most European countries, more Europeans than ever (68%) consider themselves more a citizen of the EU than of their respective countries, according to the latest Standard Eurobarometer poll. Slightly fewer, 56%, responded as being optimistic about the EU’s future, a 6%

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04 Jan 2019

US Army expanding electronic warfare tools in Europe

With the increase in complexity and technological diversity in today’s electronic warfare, the US Army has been developing command-and-control tools for commanders and soldiers to access and visualize the effects of electronic warfare while in the field and away from command posts. Known as the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management

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21 Dec 2018

With eye on China, Germany toughens rules for foreign buyouts

“Germany was Wednesday set to toughen rules on non-EU share purchases and acquisitions of its strategic companies, amid growing disquiet about takeovers by Chinese firms. It plans to lower the threshold where reviews apply to foreign purchase offers of 10 percent of companies, down from 25 percent now. Germany and

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29 Nov 2018

US makes case for withdrawal from missile treaty with Russia

“Russia has for years been developing, testing and deploying a missile that violates a landmark nuclear weapons treaty, a senior White House official said Tuesday, making a case for the administration’s planned withdrawal from the accord ahead of a scheduled meeting between the leaders of the two nations. The nuclear-capable

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