19 May 2021

European Union Set to Open Borders to Vaccinated Tourists This Summer

The European Union announced that vaccinated tourists would be able to travel to EU countries by the summer. The step towards opening borders was announced on Wednesday and declared by ambassadors from the 27 EU member countries. However, the decision must still be formally approved by the nations’ leaders. The

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18 May 2021

Bizarro Banking Trojan Sports Sophisticated Backdoor

Bizarro, a new Brazilian banking trojan, has launched a campaign targeting customers of roughly 70 known banks located throughout Europe and South America, according to researchers. The advanced malware has taken its operation global, seeking to harvest targets’ bank logins. Kaspersky released an analysis on Bizarro earlier this week, stating

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12 May 2021

NATO exercises sweep Europe amid Russian escalation, rising tensions between Moscow and US

The Navy SEALs are taking part in the “Trojan Footprint” military exercises across five Eastern European countries. The exercises involve 600 NATO and non-NATO forces, troops from Ukraine and Georgia are also included. The training is taking place next to the Defender-Europe 21 NATO joint exercises containing 28,000 troops from

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04 May 2021

Europe Proved It Can Innovate During the Pandemic. Now It Has to Figure How to Benefit From It.

The European Union was quick to create innovations during the Covid-19 pandemic, successfully cranking out a series of developments aiming to protect individuals and combat the public health crisis. EU leaders are currently finalizing plans to release almost $1 trillion into the EU’s struggling economy in order to reshape industrial

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28 Apr 2021

In Ukraine’s East, Fears Grow of New Russian Power Play

Ukraine faces mountain concerns of a new Russian power play as tensions between the two countries continue to increase. Russia has moved significant capabilities to a base just past the Ukrainian border, seemingly preparing to mobilize its military forces for conflict in Ukraine. Since Ukraine declared its independence seven years

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19 Apr 2021

Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The EU has brought forth new proposals that regulate the usage of artificial intelligence, facial recognition for surveillance, or algorithms that manipulate human behavior. The wide-ranging proposals were leaked ahead of their official publication. The proposal has been criticized for its identification of high-risk AI, but also praised for its

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08 Apr 2021

European court backs mandatory pre-school jabs

In a landmark ruling earlier this week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) backed a Czech Republic decision for requiring mandatory pre-school vaccinations. The case was brought up by families who were fined or whose children were not allowed to return to pre-schools because they had not been vaccinated.

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01 Apr 2021

Europe’s vaccine rollout ‘unacceptably slow’ says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized Europe’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout, calling the effort “unacceptably slow.” The situation in the region has become more concerning, according to the organization, as vaccination campaigns are hit with more delays dispute the number of infections rising. France has recently implemented new lockdown measures

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11 Feb 2021

European rights advocate asks Russia to explain police action over protests

A European human rights advocacy group, the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, has called on Russia to explain reports of abuse and use of excessive force by Russian law enforcement to disperse anti-Kremlin protests sparked by the arrest of Alexei Navalny, a key opposition leader. The agency reminded Moscow

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02 Feb 2021

Greek Police to Introduce Live Facial Recognition

In Greece, law enforcement officers will receive new devices allowing them to carry out facial recognition and fingerprint identification in real-time. The live facial recognition technology is part of a 4.5 million euro smart policing project that was announced in 2017. The goal of this initiative is to identify and

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