21 Oct 2022

This old malware has been rebuilt with new features to use in ransomware attacks

Security company Mandiant has discovered that a new variant of the Ursnif malware, also known as Gozi, has repurposed into a backdoor trojan that has been described as very dangerous. The backdoor trojan will likely be used in ransomware attacks, the security firm says. Ursnif is one of the oldest

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26 Apr 2022

The Emotet botnet is back, and it has some new tricks to spread malware

The prolific Emotet botnet has reemerged with new techniques that aim to infect Windows PC devices with malware. Emotet has been around for years and has helped cybercriminals to perpetrate attacks and distribute malware and ransomware to victims around the world. The botnet was previously taken down by law enforcement

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26 Apr 2021

This software update is deleting botnet malware from infected PCs around the world

A new update designed by law enforcement has begun the process of removing the Emotet botnet across the world, ridding nearly 1.6 million infected computers of the malware. Law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada, and Europe coordinated a takedown of Emotet infrastructure in January of this year, seeking to

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12 Mar 2021

TrickBot Takes Over, After Cops Kneecap Emotet

TrickBot is now the top threat according to Check Point’s new risk assessment index, replacing Emotet after a law enforcement takedown on the Emotet ransomware operators. TrickBot also recently launched and conducted a massive spam campaign that targeted several different organizations. Check Point published a recent list titled most popular

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28 Jan 2021

Cops Disrupt Emotet, the Internet’s ‘Most Dangerous Malware’

Emotet, one of the world’s more notorious botnets in the world, has been wrecking chaos all over the internet for half a decade. However, a massive global police investigation has allegedly resulted in Emotet’s takedown and the arrest of multiple operators and members of the criminal operation behind the botnet.

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08 Jan 2021

Emotet Tops Malware Charts in December After Reboot

The Emotet Trojan, after undergoing a makeover, is back at the top of malware charts, according to Check Point’s Global Threat Index for December 2020. Emotet was re-designed to boast more evasive strategies that prevent detection. The malware was in fifth place in the Global Threat Index in November but

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23 Dec 2020

Emotet Campaign Restarts After Seven-Week Hiatus

An email campaign attempting to spread the malware with the Emotet downloader returned after being inactive after October 30. Three surges were seen in October with spam emails containing the Emotet downloader targeted vulnerable users. The malware often caused a Ryuk ransomware infection or there were also attempts to steal

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02 Oct 2020

Emotet Emails Strike Thousands of DNC Volunteers

On Thursday, hundreds of US organizations received emails masquerading as the Democratic National Committee but secretly containing the Emotet malware in an attempted spear-phishing attack. The email claimed to be recruiting Democratic volunteers, with the subject line “Team Blue Take Action.” The operators behind Emotet malware keep up with current

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08 Sep 2020

France, Japan, New Zealand warn of sudden spike in Emotet attacks

Over the past week, agencies in France, Japan, and New Zealand have produced independent security alerts due to a dramatic spike in Emotet malware attacks. The publications warn citizens that the attacks are targeting companies and government agencies through email spam campaigns. When the target receives the email and opens

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11 Feb 2020

Emotet Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Spread Like a Worm

Cybersecurity experts have recently discovered a new Emotet malware sample that has the ability to spread to insecure WiFi networks located nearby to an infected device. The malware then attempts to infect the devices connected to these WiFi networks, resulting in a rapid escalation of Emotet’s spread. This new development

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