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The Emotet botnet is back, and it has some new tricks to spread malware

The prolific Emotet botnet has reemerged with new techniques that aim to infect Windows PC devices with malware. Emotet has been around for years and has helped cybercriminals to perpetrate attacks and distribute malware and ransomware to victims around the world. The botnet was previously taken down by law enforcement on January 2021. Ten months later, Emotet has reemerged and resumed malicious campaigns. It has sent out millions of phishing emails in a mass spam campaign that seeks to infect devices with malware.

Proofpoint has released an analysis on the latest attack techniques, which have occurred on a small scale this time around. However, there is a strong possibility that the new tricks could be leveraged for much larger campaigns. Some of the tools added to Emotet’s arsenal include anti-detection tools. This increases the chance of a successful attack. The techniques were added during a period in which widespread Emotet campaigns were halted, possibly due to law enforcement intervention, and new activity has occurred at a low volume.

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