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Emotet Now Hacks Nearby Wi-Fi Networks to Spread Like a Worm

Cybersecurity experts have recently discovered a new Emotet malware sample that has the ability to spread to insecure WiFi networks located nearby to an infected device. The malware then attempts to infect the devices connected to these WiFi networks, resulting in a rapid escalation of Emotet’s spread. This new development is alarming and particularly dangerous considering the nature and sophistication of the Emotet malware.

The malware has recently taken on new evasion and social engineering tactics that are built to steal credentials and spread trojans to infected devices. Emotet’s capabilities now include a new threat vector, elevating the risk of a network being compromised by the malware due to proximity to an infected device. Researchers first noticed the development on January 23, however, it may have gone unnoticed for years.

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