21 Sep 2021

Omand and Medina on Disinformation, Cognitive Bias, Cognitive Traps and Decision-making

In August, Bob Gourley had a far-ranging conversation with Sir David Omand. One of the most respected intelligence professionals in the world, Omand is also the author of the book How Spies Think: Ten lessons in intelligence. In May of 2020, Bob’s OODAcast conversation was with Carmen Medina, who served 32 years in senior positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, most of which focused on one of the hardest tasks in the community, that of analysis. 

These two conversations hit on topics such as disinformation, cognitive bias, cognitive traps, biased decision-making during the pandemic, strategic action, the paradox of warning, and decision-making.

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18 Aug 2021

Mozilla, MacArthur and Ford foundations unite to oppose Facebook ban on NYU disinformation research

Earlier this week, multiple high profile foundations including Mozilla, MacArthur, and Ford foundations joined forces to criticize Facebook for disabling the accounts of New York University researchers who were conducting an investigation into disinformation on the platform. Other organizations included in the criticism are the NetGain Partnership and the Omidyar

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16 Apr 2021

How State’s Disinformation-Fighting Arm Uses Artificial Intelligence

The State Department’s Global Engagement Center is utilizing artificial intelligence to counter state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation campaigns in other countries that are aimed at undermining the US. Artificial intelligence is incredibly useful to these efforts, according to the center’s Acting Coordinator Daniel Kimmage, and can be used to identify coordinated

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08 Apr 2021

Facebook tackles deepfake spread and troll farms in latest moderation push

Earlier this week, Facebook published its latest Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior report, in which it listed its most recent efforts to curb coordinated illegitimate behavior across the social media platform. According to the report, Facebook investigated and wiped out a long-running troll farm located in Albania with a widespread impact. The

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17 Dec 2020

Guess which states saw the most election disinformation in 2020

The 2020 election was riddled with misinformation floating around the web and spreading rapidly through social media platforms as companies like Twitter and Facebook scrambled to add warnings to misleading posts. Although their efforts were not unfounded, there is still evidence of disinformation campaigns targeting certain groups and states. Zignal

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06 Nov 2020

U.S. Seizes More Domains Used by Iran for Disinformation

Earlier this week, the US announced that it had seized an additional 27 domains allegedly belonging to Iran and used to spread intentional disinformation campaigns. The US revealed that the group that owned the domains, the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC), were violating US sanctions against the IRGC and the

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26 Oct 2020

Treasury Sanctions Iranian Entities for Attempted Election Interference

On October 22, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) determined to impose sanctions on five distinct Iranian entities known to have attempted to conduct election interference on the US and its voters. These attempts include spreading disinformation and executing malign influence campaigns aimed to mislead

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09 Oct 2020

U.S. Seizes Domain Names Used by Iran for Disinformation

Earlier this week, the US Government announced that it had seized 92 domain names utilized by Iran-backed threat actors to spread disinformation. The domains pretended to be genuine news outlets, however, they were controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC) to launch a global disinformation campaign spreading Iranian propaganda

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05 Oct 2020

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube race to contain disinformation about president’s diagnosis

Just minutes after President Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, misinformation began to spread across social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been actively combatting disinformation campaigns related to the President’s diagnosis, including marking posts with warnings about fraudulent information. With Election Day just weeks away,

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30 Sep 2020

FBI says hackers want to stoke doubt about the 2020 election

Misinformation campaigns have plagued the US Presidental Elections for years, and on Monday the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) warned the public about the potential of foreign-produced disinformation aiming to cast doubt about the legitimacy of the upcoming election. Foreign actors may be trying to spread false claims

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