07 Oct 2022

US Warns of Foreign Disinfo Ops Ahead of Midterms

US authorities have warned of the possibility of disinformation campaigns ahead of the midterm elections. The authorities believe that it might be a target for foreign actors who want to create doubt about the results or sway public opinion. The warning was detailed in a Public Service Announcement published by

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05 May 2022

CISA’s First Graphic Novel Series Tackles Greatest Terrorism Threat to U.S.: Misinformation

DHS calls it MDM, “mis- dis- and mal-information,” and according to the Feb. 7th National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – February 07, 2022 (which is released quarterly),  it is the greatest terrorism threat to the U.S. It is time to move away from a pure analysis of the problem and to start testing tools and formats for mounting an American-style psychological defense and addressing the failures in our cognitive infrastructure. Graphic novels, aka comic books, are a uniquely American art form – which may be a great place to start with a younger generation in the classroom, or when onboarding employees at a company or at a government agency.  It is a compelling medium for many generations. At least CISA thinks so – and has released the first in a series of graphic novels.

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21 Apr 2022

Taiwan investigates local TV network after it aired false reports of Chinese invasion

The Taiwanese government is reportedly investigating a local TV news station over alarming false reports aired on the channel. The false reports concerned a Chinese invasion against the autonomous island, which is already on edge under the threat of Chinese interference. The government-affiliated Chinese Television System (CTS) aired the fake

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30 Mar 2022

Open-Source Intelligence Resources: The EU Disinformation Lab’s Ukraine Conflict Resource Hub

EU DisinfoLab is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on “researching and tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the European Union, its member states, core institutions, and core values.” The lab has created the Ukraine Conflict Resource Hub with essential information and links to reliable research, analysis, and fact-checks to help [organizations] navigate during this crisis.

While these tools have been compiled in the context of the war in Ukraine, these open-source intelligence tools are also broadly useful to gain a competitive advantage by strengthening your organization’s cognitive infrastructure.

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23 Mar 2022

The OODA Loop, Information Warfare, the Ukrainian Defense and the Collapse of the Russian Army

We typically provide research and analysis utilizing the OODA Loop as a positive tool for decision intelligence and risk awareness.  Usually, this takes the form of advice and recommendations on how to leverage the OODA Loop for business strategy.   Here,  OODA Network Member Chris Flaherty takes another angle – that of interventions on and disruptions of an adversary’s information ecosystem  – so as to disrupt the clarity, management, and effectiveness of an adversary’s OODA Loop during the fog of war (impacting disinformation campaigns and propaganda).

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24 Jan 2022

Look to Sweden for Innovative Offensive and Defensive Signals from Europe

According to Emilio Iasiello in his most recent post – “What’s Really Behind WhisperGate Attacks Against Ukraine?” – Belarus is the latest move by Russia on the cyber front in the highly charged gray-zone conflict between Russia and the West.  If so, Sweden is NATO’s biggest strategic move. And Sweden may be more a rook than a pawn. As a result, activities and movements – both military and cyber, strategic and operational/tactical – in Sweden in this current climate in Europe are vital OSINT tracking mechanisms. Especially the activity of the newly launched Swedish Psychological Defence Authority.

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29 Dec 2021

India Blocks YouTube Channels In First Deployment Of New IT Rules

In India, twenty YouTube channels and two websites have been blocked under emergency powers granted by the IT Act. This marks the first time that India has used the IT Act to take action in terms of content moderation. According to officials, the banned channels were running anti-India content from

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20 Dec 2021

CSET Releases Part II of Series: AI and the Future of Disinformation Campaigns

Part II of the Center for Security and Emerging Technologies (CSET) series is available which “examines how AI/ML technologies may shape future disinformation campaigns and offers recommendations for how to mitigate them.” We offered an analysis of Part I of the series (CSET Introduces a “Disinformation Kill Chain”) earlier this month.  Disinformation is not new, of course, but the scale and severity seem to have reached a zenith, broadsiding contemporary politics, public health policy, and many other domains.  You name it, disinformation is in the mix scrambling truth and reality.

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15 Dec 2021

Commissioners Krebs, Hurd et. al. Deliver Commission on Information Disorder Final Report

The Commissioner on the Information Disorder Final Report opens by clearly sounding an alarm: “Information disorder is a crisis that exacerbates all other crises. When bad information becomes as prevalent, persuasive, and persistent as good information, it creates a chain reaction of harm.” We take a look at Commission on Information Disorder Final Report. What sets this research apart? In our final analysis, of the many formative efforts to research and provide solutions to the misinformation crisis, this report is the seminal document to date for how best to frame this issue.

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09 Dec 2021

CSET Introduces a “Disinformation Kill Chain”

AI and disinformation are the timely subjects of a new series of policy briefs from the CSET. Part I of the series, AI and the Future of Disinformation Campaigns, Part 1: The RICHDATA Framework, was just released.  Disinformation is not new, of course, but the scale and severity seem to have reached a zenith, broadsiding contemporary politics, public health policy, and many other domains.  You name it, disinformation is in the mix scrambling truth and reality.

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