27 Nov 2019

Most businesses have yet to allocate a CCPA compliance budget

A recent survey by Egress shows that only 48% of organizations plan to meet the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance deadline of January 1 2020, including 30% of firms that are already compliant and 18% that plan to achieve this by the end of the year. 27% of companies

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30 Oct 2019

Cybersecurity Trumps Political, Reputational Concerns for Companies

29% of risk managers consider cybersecurity the no. 1 threat to their organization, a higher number than for any other risk category, a recent survey by ISACA shows. Cybersecurity was followed at a distance by reputational risks (15%) and financial risks (13%). Many risk managers fear that they are failing

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29 Oct 2019

Companies unprepared to deal with mobile attacks, synthetic identity fraud, CCPA compliance

92% of companies are worried about synthetic identity fraud (SIF), and 40% have noted a rise in SIF in the past year, according to a new survey by IDology. Mobile attacks have also increased by 40% in the same period. The rise of SIF and mobile attacks is especially considering

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23 Oct 2019

Microsoft’s EU Contracts ‘Breach GDPR’

Microsoft’s contracts with European Union (EU) appear to be violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to a preliminary conclusion by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), which is investigating the matter. The EDPS stated that “though the investigation is still ongoing, preliminary results reveal serious concerns over the

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14 Oct 2019

Mississippi Shows Flagrant Disregard for Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity posture of Mississippi state entities, including agencies, boards, commissions and universities, tends to be incredibly poor, the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) discovered during a recent audit. Out of the 125 entities included in the audit, a mere 53 had implemented a cybersecurity policy, while 11 entities

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04 Oct 2019

Being compliant with laws and regulations is not a guarantee against data breaches

A new report[pdf] by Advisera underscores what security consultants have been telling their clients for years: compliance does not guarantee security. The two are closely related however, as 85% of survey respondents agreed. 90% of respondents said that low security awareness among employees due to a lack of relevant training

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03 Sep 2019

China’s Social Credit System Raises Data Security Fears

Companies doing business in China should review their compliance efforts as well as risks to their data in the context of China’s Corporate Social Credit System (SCS), a new study[pdf] by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China concludes. The Corporate SCS is a new system that will mandate companies

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14 Aug 2019

Link between personality type and vulnerabilities to cybercrime

A new ESET report shows that just 42% of organizations provide training on compliance issues as part of their cybersecurity strategy, even though such training is vital for ensuring that user data is securely collected, processed and stored. Moreover, 63% of companies still mostly rely on passwords for securing data.

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18 Jul 2019

93% of Orgs Worry About Cloud Security

Two recent studies shed light on cloud security. Independents reports by Bitglass and Synopsys both show that 93% of companies are worried about security in the cloud. Bitglass found that the most common cloud security concerns relate to access control (52%) and anti-malware (46%). However, “the adoption rates of basic

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11 Jul 2019

Big Banks Vulnerable to Web, Mobile Attacks

ImmuniWeb researchers have found vulnerabilities in the web applications, APIs and/or mobile apps of 97 of the 100 largest financial organizations in the world, which are located across 22 countries. The report shows that 85 online banking apps where not compliant with GDPR, while 49 were not compliant with PCI

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