29 May 2019

Emotet Botnet Behind Most Email-Based Threats in Q1 2019

The latest threat report by Proofpoint points to Emotet as the top email-based threat in Q1 of this year. While Emotet was initially designed a banking Trojan, the malware has become a highly sophisticated, multifunctional (modular) threat that Proofpoint currently classifies as a botnet because it is used for “spam

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22 May 2019

Ransomware Not Gone but More Targeted, Report Says

A new Fortinet report underscores the current trend toward sophisticated, targeted cyberattacks involving custom code and living-off-the-land (LotL) techniques that enable attackers to take advantage of applications and processes already present on victim machines. Ransomware is no exception in this regard, for even though ransomware rates have dropped, targeted ransomware

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29 Mar 2019

Cyber Threat Analysis Report Volume 1, Edition 3

Can you trust NSA tools? This and more as OODA Network Expert Michael Tanji provides insightful analysis of the most recent and significant cyber news.

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01 Mar 2019

Bots Plague Ticketing Industry

A new report by Distil Networks shows that ticketing companies are getting overwhelmed by malicious bots. Bad bot traffic now makes up 39.9% of all ticketing traffic, which is far higher than the average across all industries and marks a tremendous increase from previous reports mentioning a rate of 22.9%.

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28 Feb 2019

28 Billion Credential Stuffing Attempts During Second Half of 2018

A new Akamai report sheds light on the immense popularity of credential stuffing attacks among cyber criminals. In a credential stuffing attack, a threat actor uses leaked or stolen login credentials for user accounts of one service, to try to gain access to accounts for another service, based on the

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01 Feb 2019

IoT botnet used in YouTube ad fraud scheme

Security researchers with CenturyLink have released a report documenting the recent evolution of TheMoon, an internet of things (IoT) botnet that was first detected in 2014. While TheMoon was originally used by cybercriminals to carry out DDoS attacks, it is now being used for other malicious purposes, such as brute-force attacks

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31 Jan 2019

DOJ moves to take down Joanap botnet operated by North Korean state hackers

In order to take down Joanap, a powerful cyberweapon operated by North Korean hackers, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) will start reaching out to victims whose machines have been enslaved by the botnet that has been operating since 2009. The DOJ initiative is a new phase in an ongoing operation targeting

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22 Jan 2019

Over 4 percent of all Monero was mined by malware botnets

As part of a major cybersecurity research project, security researchers have analyzed 4.4 million malware samples that have been detected between 2007 and 2018. About one million of these samples were cryptomining malware. Based on their findings, the researchers estimate that about 4.32% of all Monero cryptocurrency that has been mined so

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07 Dec 2018

Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites

“WordPress sites are being targeted in a series of attacks tied to a 20,000 botnet-strong army of infected WordPress websites. Behind the WordPress-on-WordPress assault is a widespread brute-force password attack leveraged through a Russian proxy provider and targeting a developer application program interface (API). The attacks, first identified by the

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07 Aug 2018

Twitter botnets are becoming more sophisticated

“Twitter bots are becoming more sophisticated, at the same time that Trump administration officials are warning of an ongoing Russian disinformation campaign fueled by automated social media accounts. A wave of Twitter accounts are spoofing celebrity profiles, engaging in fraud and using verified profiles that have been hacked, according to

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