22 Jan 2019

Over 4 percent of all Monero was mined by malware botnets

As part of a major cybersecurity research project, security researchers have analyzed 4.4 million malware samples that have been detected between 2007 and 2018. About one million of these samples were cryptomining malware. Based on their findings, the researchers estimate that about 4.32% of all Monero cryptocurrency that has been mined so

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07 Dec 2018

Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites

“WordPress sites are being targeted in a series of attacks tied to a 20,000 botnet-strong army of infected WordPress websites. Behind the WordPress-on-WordPress assault is a widespread brute-force password attack leveraged through a Russian proxy provider and targeting a developer application program interface (API). The attacks, first identified by the

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07 Aug 2018

Twitter botnets are becoming more sophisticated

“Twitter bots are becoming more sophisticated, at the same time that Trump administration officials are warning of an ongoing Russian disinformation campaign fueled by automated social media accounts. A wave of Twitter accounts are spoofing celebrity profiles, engaging in fraud and using verified profiles that have been hacked, according to

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