Bots Represent 40% of the Average Web3 Platform Users

In a Monday report, blockchain bot detection firm Jigger revealed that a significant portion of Web3 activity is propelled by bots. The report found out that GameFi projects are infected the most, with bots representing over 80% of the user base of some of these games. After a careful inquisition into over 60 blockchain projects in the space, Jigger’s report found 200,000 active bots. Jigger’s analysis team noted that, on average, every Web3 game was made up of 40% bots while legitimate users accounted for 60% of activity. Projects built on Binance Smart Chain appear to be the most affected by viral bot activity, with some recording up to 70% bots. For instance, 55% of users of the more popular BSC-based metaverse game Mobox have been determined to be bots. Aside from gaming, other DeFi sectors are also grappling with the same bot challenge. Jigger co-founder, Levan Kvirkvelia, opined that bots are not only in games, but rather. “all services with a profit are flooded with bots.”

Full report : Bots Represent 40% of the Average Web3 Platform Users.

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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