31 Jan 2022

Unsecured AWS server exposed 3TB in airport employee records

The SafetyDirectives cybersecurity team reported on Monday that a server belonging to Securitas was left unsecured, resulting in the exposure of 3TB in airport employee records. Securitas is based in Stockholm, Sweden and provides on-site guarding, electronic security solutions, fire and safety services, and risk management services. The data pertained

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14 Jan 2022

AWS Patches Glue Bug That Put Customer Data at Risk

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a critical vulnerability in the AWS Glue service that could allow remote attackers to access sensitive data owned by large numbers of customers. The bug was created due to an internal misconfiguration within the service. AWS Glue allows customers to combine data for projects such as

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04 Jan 2022

Big US banks are slowly embracing cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP, after hesitating for years due to regulation, cyberattacks, and old infrastructure

Michael W. Lucas made big plans to take a trip around the world in March 2020. He arranged to travel from his home in Detroit to Tokyo, then attend conferences in Hong Kong and Bangalore, India, before making a final stop in Paris. But on his first attempt to buy plane

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09 Dec 2021

AWS Among 12 Cloud Services Affected by Flaws in Eltima SDK

Amazon Web Services is among a dozen cloud services affected by flaws in Eltima SDK, according to new reports. The flaws could enable attackers to disable security and gain kernel-level privileges. The vulnerabilities affect Amazon WorkSpaces and other cloud services that use USB other Ethernet. The flaws leave millions of

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09 Dec 2021

AWS Outage Hits Eastern US

Earlier this week, Amazon’s cloud computing network suffered from a five-hour outage in which sites such as League of Legends, Tinder, Coinbase, Netflix, Slack, Instacart, Robinhood, Disney+, and more were interrupted. The incident impacted individuals and businesses located in the eastern United States. In addition to the group of companies

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26 Oct 2021

AWS wins deal to store UK spy agencies’ work, brings AI to the table

GCHQ, an intelligence agency, has signed a deal with Amazon Web Services to host classified material and incorporate more artificial intelligence technology into espionage practices. The procurement of cloud infrastructure from AWS was signed off by GCHQ and will be used by sister spy services such as MI5 and MI6,

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25 Jun 2021

Amazon launches AWS BugBust to spur adoption of AI-powered coding tools

Earlier this week, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) BugBust, an international challenge that calls on developers to locate and fix one million software bugs, realizing $100 million in technical debt. Developers from across the world can join the challenge hosted by Amazon by creating BugBust events for their organization

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30 Dec 2020

Misconfigured AWS Bucket Exposes Hundreds of Social Influencers

According to vpnMentor, a misconfigured amazon web services bucket has exposed the personal details of hundreds of social media influencers. This puts them at risk for fraud, harassment, and other safety threats. The AWS S3 bucket was left wide open with no encryption or password protection. VpnMentor found the site

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16 Jun 2020

Dating Apps Exposed 845 GB of Explicit Photos, Chats, and More

In late May, two security researchers uncovered a collection of public Amazon Web Services buckets containing data from a variety of dating apps including 3somes, Cougary, Xpal, BBW dating, SurgarD, Herpes Dating, and others. The researchers found roughly 845 gigabytes of information and almost 2.5 million records representing data from

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03 Apr 2020

Key Ring App Data Leak Exposes 44 Million Images

A digital wallet app, Key Ring, has suffered from a data breach after misconfiguring five buckets containing the personal data of 14 million users stored in unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS). The app allows its customers to store scans and photos of membership and loyalty cards to a digital folder

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