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AWS Outage Hits Eastern US

Earlier this week, Amazon’s cloud computing network suffered from a five-hour outage in which sites such as League of Legends, Tinder, Coinbase, Netflix, Slack, Instacart, Robinhood, Disney+, and more were interrupted. The incident impacted individuals and businesses located in the eastern United States. In addition to the group of companies disrupted by the Amazon Web Services outage, Amazon’s e-commerce business was also affected. The Associated Press also found its publishing system inoperable for several hours due to the incident.

Yesterday, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that delivery and warehouse operations were impacted by technical issues due to the incident. Ring security cameras, the Alexa voice assistant, Kindle, and Amazon Music were also affected. Therefore, residents in the eastern United States were left without popular streaming services, working doorbells, robot vacuum cleaners, and more due to the outage. Amazon stated that the issue affected monitoring and incident response tooling as well. The root cause of the outage was an impairment of several network devices in the region. The company did not confirm when the issue would be fully fixed and services restored, however, most of the affected platforms and services appear to be up and running again.

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