07 Jan 2020

Bronze President Spies on Asia

New research by Secureworks sheds light on the activity of Bronze President, a cyber espionage group believed to operate out of China. The group uses a combination of custom and publicly available remote access tools to target NGOs as well as political and law enforcement organizations in India, Mongolia, and

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18 Dec 2019

Industrial Cyber-Espionage Campaign Targets Hundreds of Companies

An advanced threat actor, nicknamed Gangnam Industrial Style, targeted hundreds of industrial companies across the globe, using a new version of an old info-stealer to extract sensitive data. The spear-phishing campaign comprises of malicious attachments disguised as PDF files, which drop Separ malware when clicked. Separe malware steals login data

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16 Dec 2019

Airport Facial Recognition System Fooled

Facial recognition technology used to secure airports in several countries have recently been fooled by photographs and 3D masks in a series of tests carried out by artificial intelligence company Kneron. Based in San Deigo, Kneron conducted tests on systems in several different countries. Researchers at Kneron were able to

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22 Nov 2019

South Korea reverses decision to suspend intelligence deal with Japan

South Korea announced on Friday that it would not suspend its intelligence-sharing deal with Japan in a last-minute reversal. This may signify a breakthrough after months of tensions. The announcement may have been influenced by Washington, which has pressured the two Asian allies to maintain the pact. The General Security

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15 Oct 2019

Tactics of Supply-Chain Attack Group Exposed

Recent research by ESET has uncovered some of the tactics and tools used by the Winnti hacking group that has been carrying out supply-chain attacks against gaming companies since at least 2011. The attackers usually target game developers in order to embed backdoors in video games. In March of this

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04 Oct 2019

Cyber-Spy Group Active Since 2013 Now Tied to Chinese State Actor

Researchers with Palo Alto Networks say that a hacking group dubbed “PKPLUG” was responsible for a number of previously unattributed cyber-espionage campaigns targeting people in various Asian countries. PKPLUG has been active since at least 2013 and has targeted individuals in Mongolia, Myanmar, Tibet, Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan as well as

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16 Oct 2018

United States or China as world leader? Asians overwhelmingly prefer the US, Pew study finds

“When asked if it would be better for the world to have the US or China as the leading global power, 73 per cent of Asian respondents – represented by polls taken in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia – favoured the United States, versus 12 per cent

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18 Sep 2018

Next trade war front: export bribery

Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India do not work to prevent corruption by firms, according to studies by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Transparency International. Singapore, China, India, and Hong Kong, accounting for 18% of world exports, are not signatories of the

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