21 Dec 2020

AI can help better predict cholera outbreaks in India

According to a new study centered around using artificial intelligence to predict disease outbreaks, cholera outbreaks in coastal regions of India were predicted with an 89 percent success rate. The study used climate data taken from satellites combined with predictive AI algorithms. The study is the first to examine sea

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18 Dec 2020

AI Just Controlled a Military Plane for the First Time Ever

The US Air Force has successfully flown its first flight guided by Artificial Intelligence on a U-2 spy plane in California. This is the first time Artificial Intelligence technology has controlled a US military system. The groundbreaking flight combined AI technology with US Air Force capabilities developed by the Air

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14 Dec 2020

How AI Helps Advance Immunotherapy And Precision Medicine

Nucleai, Tel-Aviv based AI software developer, is seeking to create software for image analysis and pathology data modeling to assist scientists and doctors in developing more effective drugs, such as immunotherapies for cancer treatment. The startup is focusing on creating a multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of ineffective predictive biomarkers,

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07 Dec 2020

Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of 2020

The Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business Books of the year is a list compiled by OODA CEO Matt Devost and is typically one of the most popular posts on the site every year. This year, an eclectic list that takes care to avoid pandemic related topics and features some deep cuts that you won’t find anywhere else.

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02 Dec 2020

This Company Uses AI to Outwit Malicious AI

Startup Robust Intelligence is experimenting with AI and how to mitigate the risks posed by malicious AI. Robust Intelligence is responding to threats of attacks on commercial AI algorithms, with the first one being reported in 2019 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As AI continues to be

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20 Nov 2020

Interagency Committee Issues Recommendations for Using Cloud to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence has released recommendations for how agencies can utilize cloud computing resources for research and development efforts. The report highlights that cloud computing provides reliable and agile computing capabilities despite technical and administrative challenges that remain in the technology. The committee created the publication at

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19 Nov 2020

LAPD Bans Facial Recognition, Citing Privacy Concerns

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has banned the use of commercial facial recognition services, citing privacy and public trust considerations after an expose showed that Clearview AI used the technology 475 times during the trial period alone. The report proved that 25 employees of the department utilized Clearview AI

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19 Nov 2020

UN and Europol Warn of Growing AI Cyber-Threat

Europol and the UN have released an alarming new report detailing how cybercriminals use malicious targeting and abuse of artificial intelligence to conduct cyberattacks. The report predicts that AI will become increasingly popular among adversaries, who will utilize it both as an attack vector and surface. Threat actors are seeking

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05 Oct 2020

OODA Monthly Meeting: Where our members gather online for trust based networking

OODA Network members are invited to participate in a monthly video call to discuss items of common concern to our membership. These highly collaborative sessions are great ways for our members to meet and interact with each other while talking about items of common interest. We also use these sessions to help better focus our research and reporting on member needs.

To encourage openness of discussion, these sessions take place with Chatham House rules, where participants are free to use the information in the meeting but are asked not to directly quote or identify other participants.

For our members who could not make our last monthly session, here is an overview of the topics we reviewed.

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25 Sep 2020

TikTok Parent ByteDance Seeks Chinese Approval For U.S. Deal With Oracle, Walmart

After President Trump signed an executive order banning the download or update of Chinese-based social media platform TikTok, its parent company ByteDance entered into a contract with US giants Oracle and Walmart to allow the application to continue operating in the US. ByteDance has now applied for an export license

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