09 Jan 2023

Cybercriminals Using ChatGPT to Build Hacking Tools, Write Code

Expert and novice cybercriminals have already started to use OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT in a bid to build hacking tools, security analysts have said. In one documented example, the Israeli security company Check Point spotted(Opens in a new window) a thread on a popular underground hacking forum by a hacker who

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04 Jan 2023

Using OpenAI’s GPT To Produce Intelligence Reports At UnrestrictedIntelligence.com

The age of continuous crisis has placed incredible demands on intelligence analysts. Automation has not kept up in helping analysts meet the ever expanding demands for quality intelligence. Search tools for the enterprise are supposed to help intelligence analysts, but almost all broken and underperform, especially over unstructured text.

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30 Dec 2022

Cybersecurity Leaders Outline Future Trends Ahead of Infosecurity Europe 2023

Infosecurity Europe’s community of cybersecurity leaders predict that the global political unrest from this year will continue to plague 2023 and cause serious issues for the security industry. However, the leaders believe that stricter regulations and new developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more will mean

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19 Dec 2022

What is the relationship between blockchain and Web3?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the building blocks of Web3. However, the decentralized web also relies on technologies like AR, VR, IoT and others unrelated to blockchain or digital currencies. The third generation of the internet, known as Web3, is based on blockchain technology. However, technologies like machine learning, big data, artificial

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12 Dec 2022

The Great GPT Leap is Disruption in Plain Sight

During my opening remarks for OODAcon this year, I noted several moments where the advancement of technology has taken me by surprise including the DARPA cyber grand challenge finale at Def Con and the images I was able to create with GPT. During our happy hour, former Congressman Will Hurd, who sits on the board of OpenAI, remarked that upcoming releases would represent a new opportunity for technology surprise.

Over the weekend, the newly upgraded and released ChatGPT felt like one of those moments. We will continue to evaluate these technologies and put them into context for our OODA Network, but here are a few fun experiments I conducted over the weekend that provide some insight into why this technology is so disruptive.

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05 Dec 2022

We Are Witnessing Another Inflection Point In How Computers Support Humanity

OODA and the many members of the OODA network have been tracking the dramatic developments in natural language processing for many reasons, largely centered around the potential impact on government and business operations. Personally I have a firm belief that this domain will see such dramatic positive change that all of us should be preparing ourselves for what it means. 

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29 Nov 2022

GPT-3, Neural Language Models and The Risks of Radicalization

In a report released in 2020 and made possible by the OpenAI API Academic Access Program, The Middlebury Institute of International Studies – Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC) evaluated the revolutionary improvements of GPT-3 for the risk of weaponization by extremists who may attempt to use GPT-3 or hypothetical unregulated models to amplify their ideologies and recruit to their communities.

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18 Nov 2022

AI and open-source intelligence can mitigate ransomware and cryptocurrency risks

The Second International Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI) Summit held recently at the White House turned the spotlight on the need to counter cybercriminal and other threat actors’ efforts to use the cryptocurrency ecosystem to garner payments and mask illicit activity. Now more than ever, financial investigators need to use open-source intelligence

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09 Nov 2022

Now Available on Demand: China’s AI Workforce – Demand for AI Talent in a Global Marketplace

In our recent analysis of CSET’s research on China’s Advanced AI Research, we applauded the efforts of the CSET China AI Watchboard pilot program. OODA Loop is all about pattern recognition, sensemaking, risk awareness, and informing decision-making processes – and the pilot project has great potential for innovation. We also offered insights on the potential of public/private policy research collaborations.  These insights were not designed to single out the CSET researchers and the CSET China AI pilot program – but were directed to the policy research community in general. In light of our recommendations, we were really pleased to see this CSET in-person and virtual event (held this week, Thursday, November 10th at 4 pm EST) includes a collaboration with AMPLYFI, a UK-based startup that offers what it describes as an “Insights Automation Platform”. This event is now available on demand online here via OODA Loop.

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25 Sep 2022

The Executive’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence: What you need to know about what really works and what comes next

Introduction The megatrend of Artificial Intelligence is transforming the algorithms of business in exciting ways. This reference, aimed at the business decision-maker, will help you make the most of AI in your organization. It provides clear articulations of fundamental concepts, succinct examples of highly impactful use cases, and tips you

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