01 Jul 2011

Message to US agents: ‘We’ll chop your heads off’

“A spray-painted sign threatening death for U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents was found Friday next to a school in a northern Mexico state capital, officials said. Addressed with profanity to ‘Gringos (D.E.A.),’ the unsigned graffiti warned: ‘We know where you are and we know who you are and where you

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28 Jun 2011

Gunmen kill Mexico police chief in his office

“Around a dozen gunmen stormed into the police headquarters in the northern Mexico town of Santa Catarina on Monday and shot dead the police chief, authorities said. ‘The men arrived in at least two vehicles. They entered the building and assassinated the director’ of the municipal police in his office,

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20 Jun 2011

Mexican reporter, his son and wife are shot to death inside their home

“A journalist, his wife, and their 21-year-old son were shot to death inside their home in this Gulf coast city Monday, authorities said. Journalist Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco and his family were shot with a 9 mm handgun, said Veracruz state prosecutor Jorge Yunis.” (Mexican reporter, his son and wife

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16 Jun 2011

Mexican Industrial City Registers Record 33 Murders

“Monterrey, the largest city in northern Mexico and the country’s industrial capital, registered a record 33 murders in one day, Nuevo Leon state Security Council spokesman Jorge Domene said Thursday. The wave of killings started in the early minutes of Wednesday and ended just before midnight, when a shootout between

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17 May 2011

Gunmen kill 4 police officers, 2 bystanders in southern Mexico attack

“Authorities in southern Mexico say gunmen opened fire on four local police officers, killing them and two bystanders. Guerrero state police say two other bystanders were wounded when the gunmen shot the officers Monday in the downtown area of Coyuca de Catalan.” Source: Gunmen kill 4 police officers, 2 bystanders

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12 Apr 2011

39 killed in Ciudad Juarez in four days

“The most dangerous city in Mexico wrapped up another bloody weekend with 39 killings between Friday and Monday, including the murders of three police officers, the Chihuahua state prosecutor’s office in Ciudad Juarez said Tuesday. In one of the most high-profile homicides, Ismael Sergio Apodaca, coordinator of the Police Station

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25 Mar 2011

13 killed in clash with army in north Mexico

“A clash between soldiers and armed men left 13 dead in the town of Rio Bravo, on Mexico’s northeastern border with the United States, an army statement said Friday. Thirteen outlaws were killed, one was arrested and vehicles and weapons were seized after soldiers resisted an attack in Tamaulipas state

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23 Mar 2011

Gunmen kill 7 in northern Mexican town

“A large group of heavily armed hit men killed seven people in three consecutive attacks in a small town in northern Mexico, officials with the Sinaloa state Public Safety Secretariat told Efe. Based on information gathered from eyewitnesses, the assailants traveling in as many as 10 SUVs arrived at approximately

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22 Mar 2011

Mexican gangs go after new target: high priced corn

“Organized crime gangs equipped with automatic weapons and tractor trailers are branching out into raids on huge grain silos, in a sign of growing lawlessness in parts of Mexico’s north. Attacks on warehouses and cargo trucks have multiplied into a near-weekly affair in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, where one

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22 Mar 2011

Mexican drug cartels making ugly mark on Central America

“The Mexican drug gangs rapidly infiltrating Central America call El Salvador ‘El Caminito,’ the little pathway. Once an afterthought among drug traffickers, tiny El Salvador is increasingly becoming a favored shipping route for the expanding narco-business. The cartels have been abetted by ruthless street gangs with roots in Los Angeles

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