28 Oct 2016

Google’s neural networks invent their own encryption

“In their experiment, computers were able to make their own form of encryption using machine learning, without being taught specific cryptographic algorithms. The encryption was very basic, especially compared to our current human-designed systems. Even so, it is still an interesting step for neural nets, which the authors state ‘are

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24 Oct 2016

Military Warns Lenovo Poses Cyber Spy Threat

“The Pentagon’s Joint Staff recently warned against using equipment made by China’s Lenovo computer manufacturer amid concerns about cyber spying against Pentagon networks, according to defense officials. A recent internal report produced by the J-2 intelligence directorate stated that cyber security officials are concerned that Lenovo computers and handheld devices

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17 Oct 2016

Russia Plans to Turn Civilian Cell Phone Towers Into Cruise Missile Jammers

“Here’s a nightmare scenario that keeps Russian generals up at night: American submarines and aircraft launching precision-guided cruise missiles by the hundreds. Within minutes, they slam into bases, communications nodes, and the Kremlin’s own missile launchers. Implausible as it may seem, Russia is worried enough about this possibility, in the

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17 Oct 2016

Royal Navy to explore artificial intelligence use in battle threat assessment

“Britain’s Royal Navy is to use artificial intelligence situational awareness software to help humans assess threats in a maritime combat system demonstrator. The system named STARTLE continuously monitors and evaluates potential threats using a combination of artificial intelligence techniques. It is inspired by the way the human brain works, emulating

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15 Oct 2016

War Goes Viral

“Social media has empowered isis recruiting, helping the group draw at least 30,000 foreign fighters, from some 100 countries, to the battlefields of Syria and Iraq. It has aided the seeding of new franchises in places ranging from Libya and Afghanistan to Nigeria and Bangladesh. It was the vehicle isis

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13 Oct 2016

Predicting Terrorism From Big Data Challenges U.S. Intelligence

“Before Ahmad Khan Rahami planted bombs in New York and New Jersey, he bought bomb-making materials on eBay, linked to jihad-related videos from his public social-media account and was looked into by law enforcement agents, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If only the authorities had connected the dots.

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12 Oct 2016

White House Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Under President Obama’s leadership, America continues to be the world’s most innovative country, with the greatest potential to develop the industries of the future and harness science and technology to help address important challenges. Over the past 8 years, President Obama has relentlessly focused on building U.S. capacity in science

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04 Oct 2016

How Robots Can Acquire New Skills from Their Shared Experience

“The ability to learn from experience will likely be a key in enabling robots to help with complex real-world tasks, from assisting the elderly with chores and daily activities, to helping us in offices and hospitals, to performing jobs that are too dangerous or unpleasant for people. However, if each

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28 Sep 2016

Moscow will replace Microsoft’s products with local offerings

“Microsoft might lose a whole city of customers in Russia. According to Bloomberg, Moscow will begin replacing Redmond’s products with homegrown software as a result of Vladimir Putin’s urging to stop depending on foreign tech. Artem Yermolaev, the city’s head of information technology, told reporters that Moscow will begin by

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20 Sep 2016

Microsoft announces new AI-powered healthcare initiatives targeting cancer

“Microsoft has announced a quartet of new initiatives focusing on using artificial intelligence in healthcare. The company says its researchers are effectively working to ‘solve’ cancer, deploying machine learning techniques for tasks like analyzing tumors and designing new medication regimes. Another projects wants to construct detailed simulations of how cancer develops

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