07 Aug 2020

TSA’s Looking to Rapidly Verify Passengers Without Biometrics or Physical IDs

The US Transportation Security Administration is seeking alternative means to verify passenger identities at security checkpoints throughout the country, without relying on physical information or biometrics. The measures would potentially be used when travelers fail to present appropriate ID forms. This may be in the form of a digital services

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06 Aug 2020

White House, NSF Launch Partnership to Boost K-12 Access to Quantum Education

Today, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Science Foundation announced that they intend to increase grade school access to quantum information science. Quantum computing and information science demands are on the rise, forcing the US to address education gaps that could hinder the national development

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05 Aug 2020

‘Thanks for Flying SpaceX’

On Sunday, two NASA astronauts returned to Earth after two months of living at the International Space Station. The duo was shuttled to safety by a SpaceX Dragon capsule that landed in waters off in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Florida. SpaceX has launched several rockets without

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03 Aug 2020

State Department Brings Financing Partners to Help Fund Huawei Alternatives

According to the State Department, the US government has already been researching and implementing recommendations from alternate suppliers of 5G equipment after banning the use of Huawei technology due to their ties with the Chinese government. The State Department claims that the US is aiming to match Huawei’s competitive pricing

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31 Jul 2020

Photo Tweaks Could Protect Your Privacy from Algorithms

According to researchers, a new technique could protect users’ privacy online, safeguarding sensitive information that lies in photos uploaded to social media. The subtle change is not noticeable to humans, however, it renders certain features undetectable by algorithms. Facebook and Instagram have the capability to automatically tag a user in

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31 Jul 2020

UK Gov-Funded Projects Aim to Put Britain at Forefront of 5G Tech

Britain has announced that it will be launching a new wave of projects that aim to place the UK in the forefront of 5G technology development. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport will fund the initiative. The department plans to secure funding through a remote music festival that

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30 Jul 2020

How the Energy Department Is Powering NASA’s Soon-to-Launch Mars Rover

The Energy Department will play a part in NASA’s initiative to sent the Perseverance rover to seek ancient life on Mars. Several of the Energy Department’s national labs will also partake in the venture. The rover has experienced several delays in its launch, however, it is set to launch today

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29 Jul 2020

Face Masks Thwart Virus, Stump Security Systems

According to new research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), even the best facial recognition algorithms are tricked by the use of face masks. Face masks have become increasingly popular, and mandatory in various stores and businesses as the US works to combat the spread of COVID-19,

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28 Jul 2020

DOD, HHS Preparing for Large-Scale Manufacturing of COVID-19 Treatments

The Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services have been using another transaction authority contract to ensure that COVID-19 treatments will be able to move throughout stages from prototype to large-scale manufacturing. The two entities have developed a program to make sure such capabilities are feasible

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27 Jul 2020

A.I. Helped Uncover Chinese Boats Hiding in North Korean Waters

Earlier today, a study published in the journal Science Advances describes how researchers used artificial intelligence to discover over 900 ships of Chinese origin docked in North Korean waters. The massive fleets of Chinese fishing boats have been potentially illegally operating in North Korean waters with tracking systems halted. The

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