24 Jan 2017

Japan launches first military communications satellite

“Japan on Tuesday launched its first military communications satellite to boost the broadband capacity of its Self Defence Forces as they reinforce an island chain stretching along the southern edge of the East China Sea. Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the military is operating further from Japan’s home islands as

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19 Jan 2017

Photos show ‘weaponised commercial drones’ in Iraq

“Photos taken in Mosul, Iraq, appear to show grenade-dropping drones used against the Iraqi security forces. The improvised weapons consist of a plastic tube attached to a consumer camera drone to carry explosives. The images were taken by former US Army special forces officer Mitch Utterback, who was in the

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04 Jan 2017

ISIL’s Virtual Planners: A Critical Terrorist Innovation

“Although much remains unknown about Amri’s case, it bears many of the hallmarks of ISIL’s ‘virtual planner’ model of managing lone attackers. In this model, operatives who are part of ISIL’s external operations division coordinate attacks online with supporters across the globe. Most of these supporters have never personally met

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15 Dec 2016

Bitcoin Is Being Monitored by an Increasingly Wary U.S. Government

“This ability to financially disrupt, disable and dismantle nefarious networks, is crucial to U.S. national security, Treasury officials say. It has proven effective for more than a decade and is often strongly preferable to deploying troops. ‘We have made it very difficult for members of the Islamic State to raise

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15 Dec 2016

How the CIA’s Cloud Puts Fresh Tech at Analysts’ Fingertips

“The classified cloud computing infrastructure delivered two and a half years ago by Amazon Web Services to the CIA continues to pay dividends for the intelligence community. AWS’ newest service—a classified marketplace for applications—is exponentially reducing the time it takes to bring new software into the IC. ‘This is a

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09 Dec 2016

How Blockchain Will Change Organizations

“We believe that blockchain will transform how businesses are organized and managed. It allows companies to eliminate transaction costs and use resources on the outside as easily as resources on the inside. Vertical integration may continue to make sense in some situations (for manufacturing controlled pharmaceuticals, for example, or where

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05 Dec 2016

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube collaborate to remove ‘terrorist content’ from their services

“Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube today announced they would cooperate on a plan to help limit the spread of terrorist content online. The companies said that together they will create a shared industry database that will be used to identify this content, including what they describe as the ‘most extreme and

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30 Nov 2016

Intel creates a dedicated autonomous driving technology group

“The new Intel ADG will be headed up by Intel vet Doug Davis, who previously led the IoT group and is putting off his retirement after 30 years with the chipmaker to act as SVP and strategic lead for the group. Reporting to Davis will be Kathy Winter, who comes

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28 Nov 2016

Anti-drone gun takes down targets from 1.2 miles away

“There are numerous systems built to take down wayward or dangerous drones, but they tend to have one big catch: you need to be relatively close to the drone, which could be scary if the robotic aircraft is packing explosives. DroneShield thinks it can help. It’s introducing the DroneGun, a

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26 Nov 2016

Amazon in Talks to Buy Dubai’s Souq.com in $1 Billion Deal

“Amazon.com Inc. is in talks to acquire Dubai-based online retailer Souq.com FZ for about $1 billion in a deal that will give the e-commerce giant a footprint in the high-growth Middle East market, according to people familiar with the matter. Seattle-based Amazon is considering a bid for all of the

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