30 Aug 2019

The Implementation Of Facial Recognition Can Be Risky. Here’s Why..

While facial recognition holds great promise for the security industry as a more secure authentication mechanism than passwords or PINS, the technology does come with various risks according to Allerin CEO Naveen Joshi. The risks stem from the fact that facial recognition algorithms, like other technologies leveraging artificial intelligence (AI),

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27 Aug 2019

Unpiloted Soyuz Capsule With Humanoid Robot On Board Finally Reaches Space Station

On Tuesday, an unpiloted Russia Soyuz spacecraft successfully docked at the International Space Station. A previous attempt at this unprecedented feat failed on Saturday, but “the second time was the charm,” NASA spokesperson Rob Navias said. While the Soyuz MS-14 has no human crew, it is manned by Skybot F-850,

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27 Aug 2019

Huawei in talks to install Russian operating system on tablets for country’s population census: sources

Chinese tech giant Huawei is discussing the installation of Russian operating system Aurora on 360,000 Huawei tablets as a “pilot project,” according a Reuters report. Earlier this year the United States government extended its ban on Huawei products to the private sector over security concerns. As a result, Google indicated

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23 Aug 2019

Update on use of AI by Netflix, McDonalds, Ford

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22 Aug 2019

Amazon, Microsoft, May be Putting World at Risk of Killer AI, Says Report

A new report by Dutch NGO Pax suggests that Microsoft, Amazon and various other major tech companies may be putting the world at risk by developing or planning to develop autonomous weapons. The study scrutinized 50 major tech companies to see if they were involved in military artificial intelligence (AI)

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18 Aug 2019

U.S. Military is Eager to Take Advantage of Smallsats at Scale if Price is Right

The U.S. military is eager to take advantage of small satellite (smallsat) constellations that operate in low Earth orbit if they can fulfill requirements at the right price. The Department of Defense sees promise in smallsat technology and is working with government and industry partners to try and reduce costs

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09 Aug 2019

Huawei just announced HarmonyOS, its answer to Android

Huawei has officially announced its new operating system, called Harmony OS. Earlier this year, after the United States government extended its ban on Huawei products to the private sector over security concerns, Google banned the Chinese tech giant from using Android, forcing the firm to develop Harmony as an alternative. Huawei

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07 Aug 2019

DARPA Is Taking On the Deepfake Problem

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is launching an initiative to battle the growing threat of deepfakes, which are images or videos doctored by artificial intelligence (AI) that show individuals saying and doing things they never said or did. According to the agency, deepfakes are increasingly used

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01 Aug 2019

Companies struggle with the slow, unpredictable nature of AI projects

A new survey by Dotscience sheds light on the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption by businesses. The findings point to some promising and some discouraging trends. On the bright side, 63.2% of firms currently invest between $500,000 and $10 million in AI projects and the overwhelming majority (88%)

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30 Jul 2019

France wants to arm satellites with guns and lasers by 2030

France not only plans to set up its own space force to defend the country’s satellites, but France’s Minister of Defense is also launching a program to upgrade those satellites with cameras capable of detecting threats. Furthermore, the country aims to replace the upgraded satellites with yet another generation of

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