17 Jun 2021

As Astronauts Dock, China Takes Up Long-Term Residence in Orbit

Three Chinese astronauts arrived at China’s under-construction space station on Thursday. The arrival begins what China’s government is expecting to be a decade of presence by Chinese astronauts in orbit. The astronauts docked in spacecraft, Shenzhou-12, after six hours and 32 minutes after blast off in the Gobi Desert. The

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07 Jun 2021

China’s drive to compete against Starlink for the future of orbital internet

China’s space capabilities have increased dramatically over the past several years as the world witnessed a wave of businesses hoping to offer broadband internet delivered from thousands of low-orbit satellites. The technology would provide coverage to most of the earth’s surface. The business model has caught the attention of high-profile

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20 May 2021

China poised to launch Tianzhou-2 cargo ship to Tianhe space station module

China has canceled the May 19 launch of the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft due to technical reasons. It is not clear when the next launch attempt will be. However, the country is seeking to launch its first crewed mission to its new orbital lab later this year. The timeline for this

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22 Apr 2021

Russia plans to launch its own space station after quitting ISS

After quitting the International Space Station (ISS), Russia is allegedly gearing up to build its own space station, according to the Roscosmos space agency. The agency released a statement on Wednesday asserting that, if President Vladimir Putin approves the project, the space station could be launched into orbit as soon

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19 Apr 2021

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Successfully Makes Historic First Flight

On Monday, NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter made history as the first powered craft to fly on another planet. The device was able to overcome extreme cold, dangerously thin air, and flawed flight software to take flight on Mars. The autonomous helicopter rose about 10 feet into Martian air, hovering briefly,

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23 Feb 2021

Pentagon Pursues 5G Applications for Space

The US military is seeking to expand 5G networking capabilities into space, according to a new Pentagon solicitation. According to the agency, Space Force officials intend to tap into newly emerging 5G technologies to support space data transport throughout space. The Air Force published a joint solicitation last Thursday regarding

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19 Feb 2021

NASA’s Perseverance rover has landed on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover has safely landed on the surface of Mars after surviving a long journey through the Martian atmosphere. The technology touched down at the Jezero crater on Thursday afternoon after a process described as “seven minutes of terror,” referring to the seven minutes it takes the spacecraft to

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11 Feb 2021

A Cloud-Connected, AI-Enabling Commercial Computer is Heading to the International Space Station

An artificial intelligence enabling computer will be launched into orbit on February 20, eventually reaching the International Space Station via Northrop Grumman’s resupply mission. The computer has been named the Spaceborne Computer-2 and is designed to enable in-space commercial artificial intelligence and real-time data processing capabilities. The device was constructed

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10 Feb 2021

Tianwen-1, China’s mission to Mars, has entered orbit

China’s Tianwen-1 probe has successfully entered into Mar’s orbit as of Wednesday after traveling through space for seven months. The probe is expected to land on the surface and will gather information about the planet’s geological structure, atmosphere, environment, soil, and search for any signs of water. The spacecraft is

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18 Jan 2021

Blue Origin Launches And Lands Its First Space Tourism Rocket Of The Year, With Human Flights In Sight

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s private spaceflight company, hit a milestone last week by successfully launching and landing its New Shepard vehicle. The latest mission, NS-14, pushes Blue Origin one step closer to human space tourism. The mission launched on January 14 in West Texas from the company’s launch site. The

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