10 May 2021

The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons

The Pentagon has been conducting a series of experiments in which artificial intelligence is the main driving force behind weapons’ performance. Last August, the military conducted a test with drones and robots, deploying them over a vast expanse of land south of Seattle. The machines were tasked with finding terrorists

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22 Apr 2021

Army Explores Equipping Robots with Living Muscle Tissue

Army Research Laboratory scientists are conducting research into new biohybrid robotics that would eventually fuse organic tissue with machines. The experiments and studies are high-risk attempts at creating machines that move more like living creatures than androids. The research is completely new, with the idea of successfully integrating muscle tissue

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29 Oct 2020

Naval Hospitals Deploy Germ-Killing Robots Amid Pandemic

A US military treatment facility in Bremerton, Washington, is deploying a futuristic fleet of germ-killing ultraviolet robots to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Defense Department’s Naval hospital announced the purchase and subsequent implementation of the new technology earlier this week. The robot can emit powerful light

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17 Sep 2020

The Future of Enterprise Robotics

Examples of robots and the use of robotics in business are all around us today. Their success in manufacturing and in assisting humans in critical missions has already been demonstrated as economically viable and this means their use will only grow. This special report seeks to provide insights that will inform your business strategy and answer the key question of how these robots will impact your business in the coming years.

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02 Sep 2019

How an Autonomous Self-Assembling Space Robot Could Transform NASA’s Future Missions

In collaboration with Made in Space, NASA is working on a revolutionary new spacecraft called Archinaut One that will include an extended-structure 3D printer and a robotic arm. Together, these features will “enable remote in-space construction of items, including things like communication antenna, large scale space telescopes and other complex

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27 Aug 2019

Unpiloted Soyuz Capsule With Humanoid Robot On Board Finally Reaches Space Station

On Tuesday, an unpiloted Russia Soyuz spacecraft successfully docked at the International Space Station. A previous attempt at this unprecedented feat failed on Saturday, but “the second time was the charm,” NASA spokesperson Rob Navias said. While the Soyuz MS-14 has no human crew, it is manned by Skybot F-850,

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07 Feb 2019

Robots dismantle and neutralize 100,000 mustard agent chemical weapons

While some areas of mechanization are challenged by workers and others, the sector of chemical weapons destruction has been happily transitioned to robots. Recently, a destruction plant for chemical agents in Colorado successfully destroyed 100,000 U.S. chemical munitions, as required under the Chemical Weapons Convention that the U.S. signed in

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26 Dec 2018

Watch a swarm of 300 robots reorganize autonomously

“Robotic swarms are compelling for researchers, civilian and military alike, because they offer functionality through interchangeable components. Much of the promise of swarm robotics wants the machines to be as cheap and disposable as possible, while the swarm as a whole is still capable of performing tasks, even when components

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07 Nov 2018

Russia’s Air Force Wants To Use Robots As ‘Automated Forward Air Controllers’

“Today’s smart bombs and artillery are astonishingly lethal. But for all their smartness, they need a pair of human eyes to tell the bombs where to hit. But that means those eyes—whether the forward air controllers (FACs) of Vietnam or the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) of today—have to get

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14 Aug 2018

Russia wants universities to design robots for war

Russia is working to increase capacity of robotics building and design, including for military purposes, at Russian universities. These programs have included institutes, coordinated federal education standards, training centers, student competitions, and more. These large investments will help ensure Russian positioning near the forefront of robot and artificial intelligence integration

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