06 May 2013

Government Lab Reveals It Has Operated Quantum Internet For Over Two Years

“A quantum internet capable of sending perfectly secure messages has been running at Los Alamos National Labs for the last two and a half years, say researchers” Source: Government Lab Reveals It Has Operated Quantum Internet For Over Two Years | MIT Technology Review

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12 Apr 2013

Spies attacking British universities, warns MI5

“Universities UK is to issue guidance on how institutions should defend their research from cyber attack, after outgoing head of MI5 Sir Jonathan Evans briefed vice chancellors. The security services have warned increased vigilance is needed if intellectual property on innovations such as graphene and quantum computing is to be

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03 Aug 2012

Quantum key distribution with single photons

“German researchers have improved a method to make secure codes called quantum key distribution (QKD) by using the smallest possible packets of light.” Source: BBC News – Quantum key distribution with single photons

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24 Oct 2007

Quantum Cryptography: The Digital Enigma

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07 Jul 2006

“Top” must mean something different there

The FBI’s National Security Branch, which leads the war on terrorism, is on its sixth director in four years. [former chief Gary] Bald lasted just eight months. Chris Swicker, the head of the bureau’s law enforcement division, is also leaving – after just three months. The head of the FBI

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22 Jul 2004

IT revolution threatened for US health service

The US department of Heath and Human Services (HSS) has published an 10-year plan to revamp the healthcare system. The great news for Americans is that the plans include the introduction of electronic health records (long-touted in the UK as the solution to everything that is wrong with the NHS);

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03 Mar 2004

Government backs quantum cryptography

DTI and e-Envoy to investigate ‘hack-proof’ technology. The government is putting its weight behind quantum cryptography as a key way of making communications hack-proof. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the emerging technologies division of the e-Envoy’s office have unveiled a project to investigate and encourage developments in

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18 Nov 2003

Encryption promises unbreakable codes

Code-makers could be on the verge of winning their ancient arms race with code-breakers. After 20 years of research, an encryption process is emerging that is considered unbreakable because it employs the mind-blowing laws of quantum physics. This month, a small startup called MagiQ Technologies Inc. began selling what appears

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16 Jul 2003

A Quantum Leap in Cryptography

Visionaries are using photons to develop data-security systems that may prove the ultimate defense against eavesdropping hackers. In a dark, quiet room inside the Boston labs of BBN Corp. (VZ ), network engineer Chip Elliott is using the laws of physics to build what he hopes will be an unbreakable

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09 Jun 2003

'Hack-Proof' Cryptography Goes Quantum

Toshiba researchers demonstrate secure comms over 100km for the first time. Researchers have developed new technology that could allow companies to implement hack-proof communications in three years. The technology, based on quantum cryptography, was demonstrated by Toshiba Research Europe this week working over distances of 100km for the first time.

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