26 Jan 2023

EVENT REMINDER – 26 Jan 2023 in Reston VA: OODA Network Members invited to Quantum Security Bash

As mentioned in our weekly OODA Member Network Dispatch, OODA and Katzcy are hosting an invite-only quantum networking event for the evening of 26 January in Reston VA (Thanks to both Quintessence Labs and the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority for sponsoring this event). OODA network members have received an invite.  If you are not an OODA network member but would like to attend, please consider joining the network and also let us know a bit about your background in or interests in quantum computing and quantum security.

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13 Jan 2023

The 3rd Annual Report of The National Quantum Initiative

The National Quantum Initiative (NQI) Act became Public Law in December 2018 to accelerate American leadership in quantum information science and technology. This is the third Annual Report on the NQI Program, as required by the NQI Act. The United States has invested in fundamental Quantum Information Science (QIS) R&D, with core efforts underway in over a dozen agencies. This report recognizes annual highlights of the entire Federal QIS R&D ecosystem. In addition, brief summaries of agency efforts and progress on cross-cutting QIS policy topics are included within the report.

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12 Jan 2023

In Late December 2022, President Biden Signed Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act into Law

In December, we covered the run-up to the signing into law of the Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act. The actual signing was in late December and was included in the OODA Loop News Brief on December 28th. Following are details from the news item with coverage of the signing into law of the seminal legislation, characterized as the “The Greatest Cryptographic Migration in History.”

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02 Jan 2023

OODA Network Members invited to Quantum Security Bash 26 Jan 2023 in Reston VA

As mentioned in our weekly OODA Member Network Dispatch, OODA and Katzcy are planning an invite-only quantum networking event for the evening of 26 January in Reston VA (Thanks to both Quintessence Labs and the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority for sponsoring this event). 

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21 Dec 2022

In 2022, the Federal Ecosystem for Accelerating (at Scale) Quantum Computational Power and Quantum Networks Emerged

The U.S. Government’s (USG) strategic alignment on all things quantum security has been encouraging over the course of 2022, culminating with the passage of the Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act in the Senate on Friday, December 16th, which is now ready for the President’s signature sometime this month. While still formative, dedicated new physical infrastructure and collaborative operational structures (designed as platforms and ecosystems to induce network effects) are also in place to support the computational power requirements, physical access and enhanced security concerns unique to quantum innovation.  Our coverage of these efforts can be found in this post.

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27 Sep 2022

NSA sets 2035 post-quantum cryptography deadline; Joint Advisories with CISA and FBI

The debate about the “dual hat” leadership structure of the NSA and Cyber Command has evolved into a study group effort (announced by the White House this week) to review the fact that “both Cyber Command and NSA have always been helmed by the same military officer, a role currently filled by Army Gen. Paul Nakasone. That practice has been enshrined in law, but has rankled some within the clandestine community.” OODA Loop will keep the membership abreast of the results of that review. 

In the meantime, we are not without  plenty of developments over at the NSA which will impact current cyber security conditions and the future of national security

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02 Sep 2022

Lawrence Gasman on Assessing the Business Impact of Quantum Technologies

Lawrence Gasman has researched and reported on quantum technologies from the beginning of the discipline of quantum computing. He is now the President of Inside Quantum Technology (IQT), which provides in-depth business intelligence for the quantum technology industry. IQT also runs several major quantum technology conferences as well as a quantum industry news service.

On this OODAcast we ask Lawrence to provide us with frameworks for understanding the state of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum security and the business around each of these major fields.

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26 Aug 2022

The Quantum List Updated: Companies leveraging quantum effects for real world functionality and security

OODA is tracking almost 1300 firms that leverage quantum effects to provide real world functionality. Of these we have selected 23 to bring to our network’s attention because of our judgment of the importance these firms are already playing in domains of Quantum Computing, Quantum Security, Quantum Communications and Quantum Sensing. 

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01 Aug 2022

NIST Selects 12 Companies for Implementing Quantum Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms

A core value proposition and business model design principle necessary for exponential speed and scale is a sophisticated ecosystem of open-source, value-add platforms and strategic public and private sector partnerships. Such a “Quantum Computing Ecosystem” is emerging but the interoperability required for effective innovation at speed and scale between organizations and platforms within this emergent ecosystem remains unclear. For example, it is still to be determined how the DC-QNet will intertwine with and formally collaborate with the NSM10: The National Quantum Initiative (NQI) and the NQI Advisory Committee.

The NIST contributions to building this ecosystem continue to trend in the right direction with the recent selection of 12 companies to implement the four quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms.

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11 Jul 2022

CISA and Quantum Security Industry Leaders React to Recent NIST Post-Quantum Announcement

OODA CTO Bob Gourley recently posted a synopsis and analysis of the July 5th NIST Quantum Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms announcement and provided an update of the OODA Loop Executive’s Guide to Quantum-Safe Security and the OODA Loop Quantum List. Following is a broad survey of the industry reaction to the NIST announcement by the Quantum Security companies from the Quantum List and from CISA.

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