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Quantum Computing That Can Crack Modern Encryption More Than a Decade Away

Quantum computers that will render current encryption protections obsolete will not be developed for at least another 10 years, according to a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report. In spite of the significant amount of time between then and now, it also stresses the need for new cryptography safe from quantum computers. “Even if a quantum computer that can decrypt current cryptographic ciphers is more than a decade off, the hazard of such a machine is high enough – and the timeframe for transitioning to a new security protocol is sufficiently long and uncertain – that prioritization of the development, standardization, and deployment of a post-quantum cryptography is critical for minimizing the chance of a potential security and privacy disaster.”

Produced at the request of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, it seeks to determine the current progress towards such computing technologies and the impact they may have once developed. The U.S. stands at the forefront of the current research, but major investments by China and others mean that many billions of dollars are going into its research and development.

Source: Quantum Computing That Can Crack Modern Encryption More Than a Decade Away – Nextgov

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