29 Jun 2021

Palestinians demand end to Abbas presidency after activist dies during ‘brutal beating and arrest’

Across the West Bank, large demonstrations were held calling for an end to the Palestinian Authority and the presidency of Mahmoud Abbas due to the death of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat. Banat died while in the custody of PA security forces on Thursday morning after allegedly being brutally beaten to

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14 May 2021

Turkey’s Karpowership shuts down electricity supply

Karpowership, the energy responsible for roughly one-quarter of Lebanon’s electricity supply has shut off its generators. The company allegedly shut off the electricity flow due to unsettled debts with Lebanon. The company alleges that Lebanon owes it more than $100 million, furthering that it has not been paid in 18

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20 Feb 2020

In Hong Kong, the coronavirus outbreak is deepening the political divide from the 2019 protests

The coronavirus was first detected in Hong Kong in late January, and since then there have been two deaths and 62 confirmed cases within the city. However, Hong Kong’s political stability following the violent and widespread 2019 protests has been threatened by the outbreak in mainland China, where at least

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24 Jan 2019

As more Africans reach for the web, more leaders reach for ‘off’ switch

Even as connectivity increases, governments across Africa, and especially its autocratic leaders, have increasingly used control over the internet as a tool of repression, often with the claim to be combatting fake news or violent protests. These internet shutdowns, however, have costs that reach beyond politics. In 2018, 21 full

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28 Jan 2012

Arab League suspends observer mission in Syria

“The Arab League has suspended its monitoring mission in Syria because of an increase in violence, a senior league source said Saturday.” (Source: Arab League suspends observer mission in Syria – CNN.com.)

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