03 Jan 2022

2022 will be the biggest year for the metaverse so far

2022 is poised to be the biggest year yet for “the metaverse,” as Facebook parent Meta, Apple, Microsoft and Google gear up to release new hardware products and software services in what so far has been a niche market for early adopters. The “metaverse” describes software and hardware that allow users

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28 Dec 2021

Facebook to build metaverse with start-up that had US military contracts

An artificial intelligence company contracted to develop military intelligence and navigational capabilities for the US Department of Defence will now be used by Facebook to build the metaverse. Facebook, which recently rebranded as Meta, acquired synthetic data start-up AI. Reverie in August, and consolidated it into its Reality Labs division dedicated

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20 Dec 2021

Facebook Bans Spy-for-Hire Firms for Targeting 50K People

Facebook’s parent company Meta has reportedly banned seven different actors controlling fake accounts on its social media platform to deceive users and eventually plant malware on targets’ phones. The groups allegedly targeted over 50,000 people in huge schemes designed to spread malware. The banned groups were described as spy-for-hire “cyber

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17 Dec 2021

Meta launched an investigation after a woman said she was groped by a stranger in the metaverse

Last week, Meta (the umbrella company formerly known as Facebook) opened up access to its virtual-reality social media platform, Horizon Worlds. Early descriptions of the platform make it seem fun and wholesome, drawing comparisons to Minecraft. In Horizon Worlds, up to 20 avatars can get together at a time to

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13 Dec 2021

As Meta pushes for the metaverse, it may be a better fit for some, not all

In true technical style, there is no single universally accepted definition of the metaverse. Simply put, the metaverse is a vast network of 3D worlds and simulations rendered in real-time for cooperation and participation. This is not a virtual reality experience or a virtual economy with avatars sticking out, but

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02 Dec 2021

Facebook’s Meta says bad actors are changing tactics as it takes down six more groups

Meta has been working to take down adversarial networks across the world that were operating on Facebook and engaging in behavior such as spreading false information, harassment, and attempting to have legitimate information taken down. Meta stated that the groups violated rules set forth in its Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior policies

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30 Nov 2021

Facebook owner Meta told to sell Giphy as British regulator blocks acquisition

Meta, Facebook’s parent, has been told by the U.K.’s competition watchdog that it must sell GIF-sharing platform Giphy. The Competition and Markets Authority said Tuesday the deal could harm social media users and U.K. advertisers. Meta said that it disagrees with the decision and that it’s considering an appeal. The regulator concluded

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02 Nov 2021

A little-known cryptocurrency spiked 400% after Facebook changed its name to Meta

Mana, a little-known cryptocurrency used for buying and selling virtual land, saw its price spike over the weekend amid excitement over Facebook’s rebrand. The price of mana hit an all-time high of $4.16 on Saturday evening, according to CoinMarketCap data, up 400% from where it was trading shortly after Facebook announced

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05 Aug 2021

What To Know And Do About The Coming Metaverse

In the early 1990’s SciFi fans were introduced to a concept called the Metaverse in Neal Stephenson’s book SnowCrash. In the book this described a future virtual reality beyond the universe that was populated by user-controlled avatars as well as AI and bots.

Now decades later the age of the Metaverse is upon us. Most every major IT firm is rolling out a Metaverse strategy. Facebook is focusing their entire company on the concept. And retail is moving at full speed to support.

This post captures insights into this new world in ways meant to help leaders understand what is most relevant to your strategic planning. We provide an operational definition of the Metaverse, a description of the current market of metaverse players, and a list of recommendations for how this information should inform your business strategy.

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