03 May 2019

Law enforcement seizes dark web market after moderator leaks backend credentials

Dark web marketplace Wall Street Market (WSM), which was used for the sale of narcotics, arms, malware and other illicit goods and services, has been taken down in a collaborate effort by Europol and law enforcement agencies from the US, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania. It is unclear to what

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16 Apr 2019

Google’s location history data shared routinely with police

An investigation by The New York Times reveals that Google regularly shares location data of users with US law enforcement, and that requests for this data have surged in the last six months. Google stores the location information of users that have the Location History feature enabled in a system

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27 Mar 2019

Global police arrest dozens of people in dark web sting

A collaborate effort by 60 law enforcement experts from the US, Canada as well as 17 European countries and the European organizations Eurojust and Europol, has resulted in the arrests of 61 people believed to have been involved in the exchange of illicit goods and services on dark web market

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22 Mar 2019

UK Police Federation Hit by Ransomware

No organization is safe from cybercrime, including the police. Earlier this month, the UK’s Police Federation of England and Whales (PFEW) was targeted in a ransomware attack. After a system alert notified the PFEW of an ongoing attack at the department’s Surrey headquarters, it quickly isolated the infection, thereby preventing

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19 Mar 2019

EU Adopts New Response Protocol for Major Cyberattacks

The European Union has adopted a new response protocol for large cross-border cyberattacks. The protocol should facilitate the exchange of information between law enforcement agencies at the national, regional and international level, while also making it easier to coordinate assessment and response efforts in response to a major cross-border attack.

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08 Feb 2019

Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment

In a “historic seizure”, US authorities have confiscated a record amount of about 1.7 tons of methamphetamine in California last month. Smaller amounts of cocaine and heroin were also seized. The US cooperated with Australian police to stop the shipment of Australia-bound drugs, which was worth $911 million. As part of the

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05 Feb 2019

El Chapo trial highlights how Mexico graft impedes drug war

El Chapo’s high profile case, as well as several other lower profile cases, are highlighting the impact and extent of corruption in Mexican politics and drug smuggling, risks that pose severe difficulties to both Mexican and U.S. drug enforcement efforts in the area. Some senior-level officials in the judicial, law

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04 Feb 2019

Shock Tactics: Inside the Taser, the weapon that transformed policing

The introduction of the Taser in the early 21st century drove a transformation in law enforcement, harnessing the stopping power of a pistol without the lethality. Used more often in the US than pepper spray or batons, law enforcement around the world and most officers in the U.S. carry the

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30 Jan 2019

Police are now targeting former WebStresser DDoS-for-hire users

In a cooperative effort, law enforcement agencies in 15 countries are targeting people that have used the DDoS-for-hire platform WebStresser. In addition to tracking down the users, police are confiscating personal laptops and investigating possibilities for criminal prosecution. WebStresser was a popular marketplace where hackers offered criminals with limited computer skills

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29 Jan 2019

Law enforcement shuts down xDedic marketplace for hacked servers

A cooperative effort by law enforcement agencies from the U.S., Belgium, Ukraine as well as the European agencies Europol and Eurojust, has resulted in the takedown of a vast underground digital network used by criminals to buy and sell access to hundreds of thousands of compromised servers and stolen personal

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