11 Nov 2022

November OODA Network Member Meeting Features Brian Michael Jenkins In A Discussion Of A Grave Threat to Democracy

Brian Michael Jenkins is a long term OODA Network member and friend to the community. He is a researcher, thinker and writer known for producing books which have broad impact on decision-makers in government and industry. Brian was a Green Beret who initiated one of the first terrorism research programs in the nation.  We will be reviewing one of his more recent books soon, he recently published “Plagues and Their Aftermath”, which takes a long historical look at epidemics and pandemics and extracts lessons for our post COVID world. 

Brian also recently published an essay we recommend to all our network members. The topic is so important in our view we have asked Brian to give us an overview at our 18 November member meeting. 

The topic is domestic political violence. 

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20 Sep 2022

Five people killed in Iran in protests over death of woman in police custody, human rights group says

Five people have died at the hands of Iranian security forces due to protests that erupted over the death of female prisoner Mahsa Amini. Amini was being held in police custody for roughly a week before her death, which Iranian authorities have classified as a heart attack. Human rights monitor

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07 Jul 2022

Brazilian authorities crack down on piracy in the metaverse

This week, Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security announced that it conducted its first search within the metaverse with the goal of tackling digital piracy and other related crimes involving the theft of intellectual property. The campaign has been named Operation 404 and is the fourth attempt on the

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10 Feb 2022

Russian Govt. Continues Carding Shop Crackdown

Russian authorities have been cracking down on the use of stolen payment information and carding shops. Recently, authorities arrested six men accused of operating some of the most active and popular online bazaars for buying and selling stolen payment card data. The crackdown marks the second closure of major card

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18 Nov 2021

Dallas Police Surveillance Footage Leaked

Cybersecurity firms have discovered video footage allegedly stolen from American law enforcement agencies located in Texas and Georgia. The footage appears to have been leaked online by a transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets. The group shared 1.9TB of data, claiming that the files consist of 600 hours of aerial

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12 Oct 2021

Ukraine Police Cuff Botnet Herder Who Controlled 100K Machines

Ukrainian law enforcement has reportedly arrested a suspected botnet herder who the government believes to have been responsible for controlling an automated network of roughly 100,000 compromised machines. The machines were used to launch spam campaigns, DDoS attacks, scan for vulnerabilities in websites to exploit, and brute-force users’ email passwords.

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01 Oct 2021

Chief exec of cybersecurity Group-IB arrested on treason charge

Ilya Sachkov, co-founder of the prominent Russian cybersecurity company Group-IB was arrested on Tuesday at the company’s Moscow office. The company confirmed that the incident included a search of the property on the same day. Sachkov is allegedly under suspicion of state treason. One state news agency claimed that Sachkov

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14 Sep 2021

French Police Arrest Suspect in Possession of Homemade Bombs: Uranium Traces Found

On August 26, a French national was arrested in Colmar, France, after bragging to classmates at the Centre de Formation des Apprentis. The suspect was arrested in possession of four homemade bombs. Further investigation into the situation revealed that the suspect owned several pieces of Nazi paraphernalia. The bombs confiscated

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08 Sep 2021

National security police arrest organizers of Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil

Four activists from a Hong Kong pro-democracy group called the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China were arrested on Wednesday morning after the group failed to comply with a police order that requested information on alleged national security grounds. Police had reportedly sought details concerning

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08 Sep 2021

DOJ Seeks Congressional Funding to Implement Policy on Body-Worn Cameras

On September 1, the Justice Department gave a press release in which it cited a commitment to transparency and accountability in the government. The department called for all federal law enforcement agents to be equipped with body-worn cameras. The Justice Department is now calling on Congress to fund the move,

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