15 Jul 2020

A New Map Shows the Inescapable Creep of Surveillance

A new map produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the University of Nevada called the “Atlas of Surveillance” depicts how far-spread police surveillance has become within the US. The research reported 1,300 partnerships with Ring, hundreds of facial recognition systems installed, dozens of cell-site simulator devices, and automated

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09 Jul 2020

German Police Seize BlueLeaks Server

German police have taken down servers belonging to an activist group in an attempt to shut down recent BlueLeaks exposure of US police records that date back several decades. A member of the organization, which is similar to WikiLeaks, confirmed the news earlier this week on twitter, stating that the

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06 Jul 2020

Outspoken professor detained in China

Xu Zhangrun, a Chinese professor who has been under house arrest due to his criticism of the Chinese government, was detained on Monday. Zhangrun has spoken out against the Chinese government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and has previously criticized the current leader of China, Xi Jinping. Chinese authorities have

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25 Jun 2020

Bill Calls for Federally Funded Research on Police Use of Force and Facial Recognition

New legislation was recently introduced to the House of Representatives that outlines a plan for police-reform focused practices that would potentially mandate federal agencies to examine law enforcement use of force in the field and police technologies. The bill titled the Promoting Fair and Effective Policing Through Research Act would

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22 Jun 2020

Nextdoor eliminates its Forward to Police program

Nextdoor, a neighborhood social networking app has announced that they are discontinuing their Forward to Police feature that allowed users to send message board posts directly to the local police department. The platform has been controversial lately for how it handles communications with law enforcement and racism among members of

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22 Jun 2020

Data from 200 US police departments & fusion centers published online

On Friday, an activist group that describes itself as a transparency collective published 296GB of data that appears to have been stolen from US law enforcement agencies and fusion centers. The massive data leak has been named BlueLeaks and was published by the group Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets). The

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18 Jun 2020

Police Ties to Ring Home Surveillance Come Under Scrutiny

Civil liberties advocates are calling upon Amazon to end its partnerships with law enforcement agencies through its Ring home surveillance cameras. According to Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, the camera registries will serve to exacerbate existing forms of discrimination. Fight for the Future is a civil

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16 Jun 2020

Justice Gets 15 Guilty Pleas for International Crime Ring that Laundered Money Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A recent case involving an international scam that posted fake auctions online and laundered money hit a huge milestone last week, with fifteen people involved in the case entering guilty pleas for their association with the scam. According to experts, the case could be useful as a template for nation-state

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11 Jun 2020

Amazon Won’t Let Police Use Its Facial-Recognition Tech for One Year

On Wednesday, Amazon announced that it plans to suspend police use of Rekognition, Amazon’s facial recognition technology, for one year. Over the past few years, facial recognition technology’s use in law enforcement has been heavily criticized for its potential implicit bias against communities of color and possibility for misuse by

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09 Jun 2020

IBM Quits Facial Recognition Over Rights Concerns

IBM announced that it would no longer sell its facial recognition software due to racial biases present in the technology and discussions on how the tool should be used by police in the wake of recent US protests against police brutality and systemic racism. The CEO of IBM sent an

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