08 Feb 2019

Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment

In a “historic seizure”, US authorities have confiscated a record amount of about 1.7 tons of methamphetamine in California last month. Smaller amounts of cocaine and heroin were also seized. The US cooperated with Australian police to stop the shipment of Australia-bound drugs, which was worth $911 million. As part of the

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05 Feb 2019

El Chapo trial highlights how Mexico graft impedes drug war

El Chapo’s high profile case, as well as several other lower profile cases, are highlighting the impact and extent of corruption in Mexican politics and drug smuggling, risks that pose severe difficulties to both Mexican and U.S. drug enforcement efforts in the area. Some senior-level officials in the judicial, law

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04 Feb 2019

Shock Tactics: Inside the Taser, the weapon that transformed policing

The introduction of the Taser in the early 21st century drove a transformation in law enforcement, harnessing the stopping power of a pistol without the lethality. Used more often in the US than pepper spray or batons, law enforcement around the world and most officers in the U.S. carry the

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30 Jan 2019

Police are now targeting former WebStresser DDoS-for-hire users

In a cooperative effort, law enforcement agencies in 15 countries are targeting people that have used the DDoS-for-hire platform WebStresser. In addition to tracking down the users, police are confiscating personal laptops and investigating possibilities for criminal prosecution. WebStresser was a popular marketplace where hackers offered criminals with limited computer skills

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29 Jan 2019

Law enforcement shuts down xDedic marketplace for hacked servers

A cooperative effort by law enforcement agencies from the U.S., Belgium, Ukraine as well as the European agencies Europol and Eurojust, has resulted in the takedown of a vast underground digital network used by criminals to buy and sell access to hundreds of thousands of compromised servers and stolen personal

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21 Jan 2019

El Salvador: gangs step up killings before election

With the highest murder rate in the world, violence is escalating even further in the run-up to the country’s February 3rd presidential elections. Sources indicate that gangs are using the violence to pressure politicians to include them in electoral platforms or to work towards a truce similar to the one

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16 Jan 2019

Judge: Law Enforcement Can’t Force Suspects to Unlock iPhones with FaceID

According to a new ruling by a U.S. federal judge, law enforcement officials are not authorized to compel suspects to unlock personal devices protected by biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanners, facial recognition and vein authentication. The judge of the U.S. District Court for Northern California ruled that the Fourth and Fifth Amendments

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14 Jan 2019

Delivering Security: A look at on of the oldest and smallest US law enforcement agencies

Founded over 100 years before the FBI, the U.S. Postal Inspection Services is one of the oldest, and perhaps the least well known, of the law enforcement services in the US. Tasked with securing the >149 billion pieces of mail shipped annually through the U.S. Postal Service, its network of

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03 Jan 2019

Mexico Looks to Recruit 50,000 for new National Guard

“Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used his first news conference of 2019 to start recruitment for his new National Guard, which will become the country’s primary security force. Lopez Obrador says the government hopes to recruit about 50,000 civilians to add to the guard’s initial composition of military personnel

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14 Dec 2018

State Department Is Buying Phone Hacking Tools for Ghanaian Police

“The State Department is purchasing some very specific phone hacking tools that it plans to turn over to the Ghanaian police force to assist the country’s investigations into international crime. The department released a solicitation Dec. 7 for phone hacking tools and hardware that are interoperable with tools used by

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