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Dallas Police Surveillance Footage Leaked

Cybersecurity firms have discovered video footage allegedly stolen from American law enforcement agencies located in Texas and Georgia. The footage appears to have been leaked online by a transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets. The group shared 1.9TB of data, claiming that the files consist of 600 hours of aerial surveillance footage taken by helicopters in two major cities, Dallas and Atlanta. DDoSecrets states that the footage reveals the capabilities of law enforcement drones, referring to the quality as military-grade technology. The group also wrote that the footage highlights the voyeurism in surveillance and how it imposes on personal privacy.

One member of the collective claimed that the video footage had been forwarded to DDoSecrets by an anonymous hacker who allegedly found the data unsecured in the cloud. In some of the videos, law enforcement officers use infrared technology to look at people inside buildings. According to DDoSecrets, this represents a major privacy concern. After the footage was released, the Dallas City Council held a closed session with lawyers to discuss a potential data breach.

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