22 Sep 2022

Iranian Hackers Hid in Albanian Networks for Over a Year

According to a new report released by the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Iranian hackers were able to remain undetected inside an Albanian government network for 14 months. At the end of this time period, the hackers deployed destructive malware. The hack resulted in Albania severing diplomatic

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18 Aug 2022

‘Operation Sugarush’ Mounts Concerning Spy Effort on Shipping, Healthcare Industries

Researchers at Mandiant have identified a Persian-speaking threat group targeting a range of industries such as healthcare and energy. However, the group appears to have a specific focus on the shipping sector. Mandiant has named the group UNC3890. The threat group uses email social-engineering lures and a watering hole hosted

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05 Aug 2022

Ukraine Shutters Major Russian Bot Farm

Ukrainian law enforcement has reportedly dismantled a bot farm leveraged by Russian special services. The bot farm was used to spread disinformation and propaganda in the country via social media platforms. The Secret Service of Ukraine (SSU) stated that the bot farm spun content that destabilized the country. Most of

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25 Jul 2022

FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications

According to the FBI, Chinese products by Huawei could disrupt US nuclear arsenal airwaves. The issue originates from a 2017 deal in which the Chinese government offered to spend $100 million to construct a Chinese garden at the National Arboretum in Washington DC. The garden would hopefully attract thousands of

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07 Sep 2021

Germany Accuses Russia of Election Meddling Through Cyber-Attacks

Germany has accused Russia of attempting to influence the country’s upcoming general elections through cyber campaigns. The German Foreign Ministry stated that it had gathered intelligence that pointed towards interference by hackers working for Russia’s GRU military intelligence service. According to the ministry, the hackers attempted to steal the login

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27 Aug 2021

Randall Fort on The Future of the Metaverse And Its Cybersecurity and Intelligence Implications

In this OODAcast we glean lessons learned and insights into the future of the Metaverse and its implications from Randall Fort. Fort is a seasoned security, intelligence and technology leader known for his grasp of enterprise mission needs and his ability to track the rapid advancing capabilities of technology to meet those needs. His background includes time as the director of global security for Goldman Sachs. He also led one of the most highly regarded teams of analysts in the world, the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Randy later worked at Raytheon and is now now the COO of QWERX.

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11 Aug 2021

Briton suspected of spying for Russia arrested in Germany

A British national, known only as David S, has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia. The man worked at the British embassy in Berlina where he allegedly passed documents to Russian intelligence in exchange for money. The documents that David S sold remain unspecified and it

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10 Aug 2021

Chinese Espionage Group UNC215 Targeted Israeli Government Networks

Reports have emerged that the Chinese espionage group tracked as UNC215 leveraged remote desktop protocols to access an Israeli government network. This was made possible by leveraging stolen credentials from trusted third parties. New research from Mandiant revealed that data gathered from telemetry efforts and the information shared by Israeli

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19 Jul 2021

UK blames China for Microsoft Exchange Server hack

On Monday, the UK government came forth to publicly accuse the Chinese government of perpetrating a damaging Microsoft Exchange Server hack that targeted organizations across Europe and North America. The UK joined several other entities, including the US and Microsoft itself, in claiming that China, specifically a state-sponsored hacking group

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04 May 2021

Suspected Iranian Ransomware Group Targets Israeli Firms

Hackers suspected to have ties to Iran have reportedly targeted multiple Israeli companies with ransomware, representing a new campaign of attacks against the nation. The group calls itself N3tw0rm, or Networm, publishing evidence of different attacks to a dark website where they take responsibility for their hacks. On Sunday, the

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