07 Jul 2020

Cybersecurity Expert Admits to Espionage and International Kidnapping Charges

A long-standing cybersecurity professional Elizabeth Jo Shirley, of Hedgesville, West Virginia, has admitted to unlawfully retaining a document containing national defense information and committing international parental kidnapping, the Department of Justice announced.  Shirley attempted to sell classified information from the National Security Agency to the Russian government. Shirley previously had

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15 Jun 2020

Former Marine Paul Whelan Found Guilty in Russia of Espionage, Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

On Monday, Paul Whelan from Novi, Michigan, was sentenced to 16 years in Moscow prison for espionage in a case that has drawn widespread condemnation from the US and threatens to risk ties between Washington and Moscow. A Moscow City court judge stated that Whelan was found guilty of spying,

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01 Oct 2019

Iran sentences suspect to death for spying for CIA

Iranian Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili on Tuesday announced that the body had handed out various harsh sentences to four alleged spies. Three of the accused are suspected of engaging in espionage on behalf of the CIA, while the other is accused of working for British Intelligence. One alleged CIA spy

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10 Sep 2019

US extracted top spy from inside Russia in 2017

A recent CNN report claims that the United States government carried out a secret mission in 2017 to extract a Russian government official who had been operating as one of Washington’s top spies. One of the reasons for the extraction was a concern by intelligence officials that the spy could

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26 Aug 2019

Why the CIA doesn’t spy on the UAE

The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not spy on the government of the United Arab Emirates even though that country’s affiliations and actions on the world stage do not always align with US interests, former CIA officials warn. For instance, the UAE finances Libyan renegade military commander Khalifa

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12 Jul 2019

Military Spy Satellite Targeting Iran Crashes To Earth After Catastrophic Failure

It is absolutely fair to ask yourself if this crash could be the result of enemy action. There is no evidence of that yet, but it is something that must be investigated. Here is what is known: Earlier this week, a UAE-funded mission failed to launch a new satellite intended

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19 Jun 2019

Iran claims it dealt ‘heavy blow’ to US ‘spy network’

Amid increasing US-Iran animosity, Iranian National Security Secretary Ali Shamkhani on Tuesday stated that his agency recently managed to “deal a heavy blow against America’s international spy network.” The official added that the Iranian government is currently “engaged in the battle of intelligence with the United States,” and that it

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19 Jun 2019

FBI warning: Foreign spies using social media to target government contractors

In April of this year, the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) warned government contractors that their employees are being targeted on social media by foreign intelligence services, with the aim of recruiting individuals with US government security clearances. The alert outlined four recent, real world examples of campaigns that

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14 Jun 2019

Experts: Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets

Research by the Associated Press has uncovered what seems to have been a state-run espionage campaign centering on a fake LinkedIn profile that managed to connect with various influential people in Washington. Moreover, experts believe that the people behind the campaign used artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the profile picture

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03 Jun 2019

The Spycraft Revolution

As modern life is being reshaped by technological, political, legal, social, and commercial changes, so is one of the world’s oldest professions, namely that of being a spy. According to Edward Lucas of the Economist, global changes are forcing the intelligence community to face various challenges such as: The balance

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